Learning with Playdough Letters and First Words Flash Cards

Learning with Playdough Letters and First Words Flash Cards

Learning with Playdough Letters and First Words Flash Cards

Do your kids love playdough?  Mine do!  We play with playdough at least once a week and it never gets old.  I think its fun to sneak in some educational activities without the kids knowing!  Previously we did a counting playdough mat for Valentine’s Day.  Today we focused on our alphabet cutters.  My focus today was learning with playdough letters and first words flash cards.

Buddy is in Pre-K and has been learning the alphabet.  Initially I was going to create an Alphabet Playdough Mat but I decided I would just share a Pinterest search with you instead.  Click here and see a large sampling of some of the great mats you can find.  

I figured as Buddy has almost mastered the whole alphabet we would take it a step further and start to focus on site words.  A few weeks ago we had used the Pooh’s First Words flash cards and he really enjoyed it.  Today’s playdough activity used these cards.  We used playdough and alphabet cutters to recreate the site words on the flash cards.

Materials Needed

  • Playdough
  • Alphabet cookie cutters or playdough cutters
  • Rolling Pin
  • Site word flash cards


  • Gather all of your materials and set up a workstation
  • Have your child roll the playdough flat
  • Let them pick a flash card
  • Have them guess the word, tell them if they got it correct.  If not have them guess again or you can tell them.
  • Next have them find the letter cutters that match the letters in the word.
  • If they are unsure of the letters you can help make the letter sounds to see if they can guess.
  • Once they have found all of their letters they can cut them out and line them up to spell out the site word.
  • Repeat.

Learning with Playdough Letter's and First Words Flash Cards

Buddy really liked this activity today.  He is so proud of his new found alphabet knowledge and loved applying it to site words.  He created four words and his name before he moved on to playing with other playdough toys.

Overall this was a success and a great learning opportunity!

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