A Day in the Life {A Minivan’s Perspective}

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A Day in the Life {A Minivan's Perspective}

A Day in the Life {A Minivan’s Perspective}

Have you ever wondered what life looks like from the perspective of your car?  As a stay at home mom I am on the go a lot – I am a mom and wife but also part chauffeur, part messenger, part Girl Scout leader, etc.  Our van goes through a lot in the week – to learn more read on for my take of A Day in the Life {A Minivan’s Perspective}.  


I sit in the driveway most Sunday’s – the family doesn’t drive many places.  Occasionally a quick run to the store but other than that I mostly rest.  It’s nice to have a rest before the busy week gets started.


It’s morning and it’s cold – my people hit the remote start button and get me running without coming outside.  The little people run out past and the bus picks them up for school (I’m not sure why I don’t get to drive them).  Then my regular person (lets call her Mom) comes out and throws in her bag – it smells like chlorine so we must be headed to the gym.  Away we go, we get to the gym and she goes in.  A while later Mom comes back out and we head to Walmart.  

We park at Walmart and in Mom goes – a while later she comes out with a shopping cart with lots of bags.  She loads me up and then brings two boxes of TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks and puts them in the center console.  This must be the new snack that she keeps on hand for the little people so they don’t get angry (and sometimes her but don’t tell her I said that!).  They are individually packaged and fun to eat for a quick snack as we head from place to place.

A Day in the Life {A Minivan's Perspective}

She sits and looks at her cell phone for a little bit and looks at some pictures she just took.  One is of the new TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks that Mom found in the cookie/cracker aisle.  They are a loveable bear-shaped snack and fun to eat!   

A Day in the Life {A Minivan's Perspective}

Mom texts one of her friends about the new TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks  she found and can’t wait for the kids to try!  She lets them know about the great deal she found so they can earn cash back with the free Ibotta app on the purchase of TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks at Walmart.  She says that the TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks are made with quality ingredients such as milk, eggs, and chocolate

A Day in the Life {A Minivan's Perspective}

After Mom plugs her phone into charge we drive home.  Mom honks the horn when she gets there and Dad comes out to help her bring the groceries in.  They close up my hatch and head into the house.


Mom sometimes heads to the gym in the morning if she has time but most weeks she stays home.  My other big person (lets call him Dad) is driving tonight – and he brought a slightly smelly gym bag – that means Karate.  The little boy person (let’s call him Buddy) gets in and bounces on my seat, he takes a long time to buckle up and get ready to go.  Dad gets Buddy one of the TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks to help fill him up before Karate lessons.

A Day in the Life {A Minivan's Perspective}

We head out and make the short drive to Karate.  Dad turns me off and they head into Karate.  An hour later they come back and we head home for the night. 


Repeat of Monday morning for Mom – this time we just head to the gym and straight home after.  Later in the afternoon we head out and pick up the little girl person (Boo Boo) from school and head to piano lessons.  Mom opens my center console and pulls out a snack for Boo Boo.  Boo Boo loves the snack and eats it quickly!

A Day in the Life {A Minivan's Perspective}

A quick ride later and we try to go up the driveway – my wheels spin and Mom decides to park at the bottom of the hill and walk up.  Unfortunately me and steep hills with snow and ice don’t mix.  After the piano lesson Mom and Boo Boo come back and get in and we head home.


Today is my busiest day of the week!  Mom takes me to the little people’s school.  I wait a long time and then she comes out – we head home and only stay a little while.  Then Mom comes out of the house with a few bags and we head to another big building.  Later she comes out with Boo Boo and we head home – on the ride home they talk about what they did in Girl Scouts that week.  When we get home Mom rushes Boo Boo out of the car and they head into the house.  A few minutes later she comes out with Buddy and again we head out – we go back to the same building this time for Boy Scouts.  Finally Mom and Buddy come out and we head home for the night.  Phew…I’m tired!


Mom heads to the gym again this morning.  When she comes out of the gym we head home.  I stay parked the rest of the day until Dad takes me for a short ride to the Mountain.  He pops open the center console to grab two TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks for the kids to eat before they start their snowboarding lessons.  The kids and dad come out and get in fast – they are cold and ready to head home for dinner.  We drive the short distance home and park for the night.


Saturday is a day filled with mystery – I never know where we are going to go.  Some weeks the kids have sports, that means we all load up and drive to the field or school – if its soccer or baseball season my back hatch is full of balls and equipment.  When the kids don’t have sports sometimes we go shopping or out to lunch. I never know what to expect but it always includes the whole family and sometimes the dog!  This week we had to head back to Walmart to buy more TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks since the kids love them so much!  Mom says we will also have to come back on February 23rd for the demo when Teddy Grahams partner with GoGo Squeeze.

A Day in the Life {A Minivan's Perspective}

Don’t forget you can earn cash back with the free Ibotta app on the purchase of TEDDY SOFT BAKED Filled Snacks at Walmart!


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