Coupons for Good: 3 Tips for Spending Less on Your Kids’ Craft Supplies

Coupons for Good: 3 Tips for Spending Less on Your Kids' Craft Supplies

Coupons for Good: 3 Tips for Spending Less on Your Kids’ Craft Supplies

Crafting with the kids is a great opportunity to spend time together and deepen family bonds. Teaching kids how to make things is a form of passing on your knowledge to a new generation — something the kids will remember their entire lives. And once you teach your children how to craft, they do it on their own and explore new ways to make something. Next thing you know, they’re going through supplies like water, and you don’t have a lot of money to buy more. But you don’t want to stifle their creativity, either. Following are three tips to save money on craft supplies and keep your kids stocked.

Follow the Sales

Coupons for Good: 3 Tips for Spending Less on Your Kids' Craft Supplies

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Major craft stores have regular sales on their stocks of specific crafts. Scrapbooking supplies, foam for cut-outs, fabric, yarn, and more all go on sale at different times of the year. Weekly coupons are offered through apps, mailers, and Sunday newspapers to help increase overall savings.

If your kids are focused on one type of craft, i.e. foam cutouts, track the sales flyers for discounts on those specific supplies. It’s an economical way to stock up and keep the basics at the ready with occasional trips to the store for touch-ups and unique pieces that are must-haves.

Buy Supplies at Department Stores

Department stores like Kohl’s and Walmart carry items that are easily integrated into an existing craft hobby. Kohl’s is a good resource for baking supplies and offers regular discounts. Stretch your dollars to buy a nice baking pan with a Kohl’s coupon. Quality tools create better results for the aspiring chef. 

Walmart carries brand-name baking supplies but also has a craft section. You can find kits and components of all kinds that satisfy your child’s need to create something. The retailer stocks many basic items for crafters that help keep the project going forward. You can save more money on what you buy with coupons for Walmart.

Choose Crafts With Overlapping Supplies

Crafting materials aren’t always meant to be used in one craft alone. An aspiring beader can sew their beads onto their clothes to add sparkle while a scrapbooker can use their paper leftovers to make handmade cards or in 2D pictures. The key is to encourage the kids to move onto another type of craft when they’re tired of the one they’re currently engaged in. It may take a little effort, but showing them how to take their materials and turn them into something completely new is beneficial to all of you. The children learn how to expand their creativity while your wallet gets a break from buying more supplies.

Crafting with the kids is all about exercising imagination and learning new skills. It’s a wonderful activity that teaches children how to use their minds and expand upon their existing skills. Don’t hesitate to get creative yourself when it comes to saving money on the right supplies and tools. You can encourage your children to create without going broke.

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