How to Create a Winter Toolkit for Active Parents

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How to Create a Winter Toolkit for Active Parents

How to Create a Winter Toolkit for Active Parents

Do you live a cold part of the world?  We live in Maine and winters can be especially brutal (or kind depending on the year lately – but I digress and this isn’t the time for discussing global warming).  A typical winter in Maine averages from 50 to 110 inches depending on what part of the state you live in.  That equals a lot of shoveling and snow clearing which can equate to a lot of aches and pains.  Take a look below to learn how to stock up on some essentials and create a winter toolkit for active parents to help keep you active!

How many of you go to the gym and practice shoveling snow?  If you do that is AWESOME!  But if you are like the rest of us getting out there and shoveling is bound to cause aches and pains that have the potential to slow you down.  As an active parent of two young children I don’t have time to slow down.  After we have cleared all the snow in the driveway, the kids are always ready to play.  While they are getting bigger each year and can be outside by themselves now I do enjoy sledding with them but when my whole body aches I don’t have much fun tromping through the snow.

How to Create a Winter Toolkit for Active Parents

Below learn what I keep in my Winter Toolkit to help me keep up with the kids even when I am suffering from aches and pains.

Materials Needed

How to Create a Winter Toolkit for Active Parents

  • Small basket or organizational tote
  • Motrin® Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer Caplets
  • Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream
  • Hand Warmers (optional)
  • Heating Pad
  • Up & Up individual tissue pocket packs
  • Archer Farms Candy Cane Single Serve Pods (optional)


  • Buy a small basket or organizational tote (pick a size that will fit in your desired location out of the reach of little hands)
  • Gather all of the materials you want to include in your Winter Toolkit including those above
  • Place the basket in a convenient location that will allow you easy access
  • Be ready to win over winter and beat those aches and pains that try to hold you down

To gather all the materials for my Winter Toolkit I headed out to my local Target.  

How to Create a Winter Toolkit for Active Parents

In the store I went straight for the Health and Beauty section of the store to stock up on Motrin® Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer Caplets and Ultra Strength BENGAY® Cream.  Next I moved over to the paper goods to buy some Up & Up tissue pocket packs – without fail when you are out shoveling you will have the winter drippy nose (or a kid that needs a tissue) so its nice to have a small package that can fit in your coat pocket.  

As I shopped I also picked up a few novelties – hand warmers and specialty coffee pods.  While these aren’t mandatory some really cold days it is nice to be able to have your hand warm instead of freezing and its always nice to treat yourself with a yummy cup of coffee as a reward when you finally come in.  

I’m excited for the snow to start (talk to me after the first storm and I’ll probably be singing a different tune!).  It’s nice to know that I have my Winter Toolkit ready to go and should be able to control the aches and pains that accompany shoveling and enjoy the time outside with my kids.

How to Create a Winter Toolkit for Active Parents 

What is the one item you couldn’t live without in your personal Winter Toolkit?



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