Day 5 – Kid Made Christmas Ornaments

Day 5 - Kid Made Christmas Ornaments Blog Hop Day 5 – Kid Made Christmas Ornaments

Thanks for joining us again!  Today is Day 5 of 7.  Below find a recap of the fun kid made ornaments shared in Day 5 – Kid Made Christmas Ornaments.

Amazingly Festive Paper Baubles from Witty Hoots 

Find out how to make these simple but adorable paper baubles at Witty Hoots.

Christmas ‘Wishes’ Wishbone Tree Decoration from Castle View Academy

These wishbone tree decorations from Castle View Academy are adorable!

14 Different DIY Color And Build Christmas Ornaments For Kids from Miniature Masterminds

How much fun are these DIY ornaments.  Pop our to Miniature Masterminds to download your own set.

Soft Circuit Christmas Ornament from Teach Beside Me

Do you have a science lover in the house?  If so find the instructions on making this soft circuit Christmas ornament over at Teach Beside Me.

Sparkly Salt Dough Snowflakes from Emma Owl

I adore pretty much everything that sparkles – if you do as well head to Emma Owl to find out how to make these cute snowflakes.

 Take a peek at the rest of the Kid Made Christmas Ornaments below:

Kid Made Christmas Ornaments Blog Hop

Check out some additional Kid Made Christmas Ornaments on our Pinterest board:


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