Easy DIY Homemade Bubbles and Refill Station

Easy DIY Homemade Bubbles and Refill Station

Easy DIY Homemade Bubbles and Refill Station

Do your kids love bubbles but spill them all the time?  Make your own Easy DIY Homemade Bubbles and Refill Station to keep the bubbles popping!  If you use any large sized liquid laundry detergent you can create a bubble refill station.

The bubble recipe I am using comes from Raising Little Superheroes and can be found here.  This is a simple recipe that you can make with only three ingredients that you probably already have on hand.

I am so excited to debut our bubble refill station this spring as it will hopefully help keep tears to a minimum.  In previous years when the bubbles spilled and we didn’t have any left in the house we would end up with sad kids.  This year – the kids will just have to head over to the refill station and they will be set to play longer.

Materials Needed

  • Empty laundry detergent bottle with push button spout
  • Homemade bubbles
  • Paint and decorate the laundry detergent bottle (optional)


  • Thoroughly rinse the inside of the laundry detergent bottle – let dry.
  • Paint (optional – I decided to paint my bubble refill dispenser so it doesn’t look like a laundry bottle and hopefully it doesn’t end up getting thrown out in the winter mistakenly).
  • Decorate/label the bottle (optional) – I would recommend spray paint (I didn’t because we didn’t have any spray paint in the house).  I used a permanent marker to label the bottle.

Easy DIY Homemade Bubbles and Refill Station

    • Make three single batches of homemade bubbles (pour one batch into the dispenser and start making the next batch).
    • Set up the dispenser outside.
    • Show the kids how to operate the dispenser and refill their own bubble containers (or keep the dispenser up high and refill containers yourself depending on your children’s ages).
    • Have fun!!

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