Father’s Day Handprint Platter

Father’s Day Handprint Platter

Father's Day Handprint Platter

Father’s Day is on the horizon.   Take a peek at the Father’s Day Handprint platter we made two years ago for my husband.  The inspiration for this project came from a cup full of sass.  They had a roundup of various activities they did for Father’s Day posted and I thought the grill plate was a cute idea.  The kids and I headed to Walmart and bought a Corelle platter, some paint markers and a few additional colors of acrylic paint.  

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Materials Needed

***These directions would be for a plate that is for display only – see Food Safe paint recommendation below or use  below directions with Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge***

  • Oven safe platter (we bought something similar to this one – if you are looking for a large platter this one is popular)
  • Acrylic paints (assorted colors)
  • Paint Markers (assorted colors)
  • Paint plate and brushes

Father's Day Handprint Platter


First I had the kids each pick what color paint they wanted – they both picked green as it is Hubby’s favorite color.  I started with Buddy as I figured he would be more likely to accidentally smear Boo Boo’s handprint.I painted Buddy’s hand and had him press it down.  Next I repeated the process with Boo Boo.  And since I’m a little crazy I decided to add Zoe’s paw print to the mix (she was actually really well behaved!).

After the prints were complete I preheated the oven to 350º.  While the oven was preheating I used the paint markers to write our message on the platter and label each print.  When the design was complete and the oven preheated I baked the platter for 15 minutes.

I thought this was a cute thing we could do handprints on for my husband.

***Disclaimer: after using this I have found the acrylic paint does not stay bonded and upon further research is not food safe.  This plate would be great for a display item when using acrylic paint.  I have researched and found another option of paint – Pebeo Porecelain.  These paints are non-toxic and once baked permanent (they can withstand the dishwasher!)***

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