Festive Fall Turkey made from Nature

Festive Fall Turkey made from Nature

Festive Fall Turkey made from Nature

The inspiration for this project was feathers – namely feathers my son had found and picked up in the yard around the house.  I wanted to find a use for natural feathers and that included turkeys since it is getting close to Thanksgiving.  We searched on Pinterest and found Pinecone Turkeys from A Pumpkin & A Princess.  

We set out on a nature walk around the house and the direction of our project shifted based on the cones we could find.  While we were looking for cones (ours is from a spruce tree) we also collected additional items including leaves and cedar brush.  When we had a large collection we headed in to create a festive fall turkey.

Materials Needed

  • Cone (whatever variety is around your house)
  • Leaves – assorted colors, shapes and sizes
  • Cedar brush (or any other brush)
  • Feathers (a combination of sizes)
  • Hot glue gun and extra glue sticks

Festive Fall Turkey made from Nature


  • Gather things from nature that you want to include in your turkey – look for various shapes, sizes and colors to give your turkey depth.
  • Bring your collection in and heat up the hot glue gun
  • Start with the largest leaves and attach them together in a fan shape with hot glue
  • Next attach the largest feathers on top of the leaves
  • Add another layer of leaves (smaller sizes)
  • Add a layer of cedar and smaller feathers
  • Finally attach the cone to the center
  • Use small nature items to create the face (we used little pieces of cedar and a red leaf for the waddle)

Festive Fall Turkey made from Nature

This is probably one of the projects that Buddy has had the most fun with.  He enjoyed trekking through the woods behind the house and creating a turkey from his collection of nature.  In the next few months I’m going to be working on creating more science and nature kids activities as that is what he seems to be the most interested in.

If you are looking for more Thanksgiving themed inspiration feel free to stop by my Pinterest board.

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