Frozen Birthday Party Invitations

My daughters 5th birthday is coming up at the end of March and much like most other little girls – she loves Frozen!  So guess what??? We are having a Frozen themed birthday party – well – actually two!  This is the first year she is in school so she is having her normal family party as well as a bowling party for her friends and cousins.

We are already at March 9th – I’m feeling a little behind on the eight ball on this.  I know with everything that has been happening and sick kids its definitely been a tough few weeks but right now I’m putting my head down and charging forward!  My baby girl is turning 5 and  she is going to have the best birthday parties!

Yesterday I finally had my husband take a look at my printer (it stopped working about a year ago!).  He couldn’t even get it to power on yesterday so he said it was going to the dump and that I could get a new one!!!  Super exciting times 🙂  I immediately decided that I was making a quick Walmart run to buy a cheap printer – we have bought expensive and they never seem to last so we are trying the cheapest I could find ($34) and hoping for the best.

Since I had access to color ink and the awesome HP photo printer paper I got from my #DisneySide @Home Celebration kit I decided that I should knock one item off my to do list.  I had previously pinned some free Frozen birthday invitation templates so I went happily to Pinterest at nap time (you can see my birthday party pins here).

The awesome card template I used came from a website called Oh My Fiesta in English.  They had a bunch of different templates to choose from.  I picked this one.


I saved it from the website as directed for best quality and then opened up PicMonkey.  If you have never used PicMonkey it is an awesome free website (with optional paid upgrade) that allows you to edit pictures, create photo collages, and much more.  I opened the picture and added my text.

Frozenchloebdayinvite (2)

After I had added my text I saved the document and sent it to my husband.  On his work computer he has an awesome program called Snagit.  I also sent him a head shot of our daughter to add between her name and the party information (I couldn’t figure out how to do this in PicMonkey and knew he could do it for me).



Here is the finished product!  We saved it as a a PDF and I couldn’t figure out how to convert it back to a JPG so just click on the link below.

chloe invitation for 5 yrs

These look so awesome – I think people will think I paid to have them printed!  Awesome job by my new $34 HP printer and the HP photo cards.  In the coming weeks you can expect a lot of Frozen birthday projects.  I hope everyone is having a happy Monday!




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