How to Create a Simple Sidewalk Chalk STEM Game

How to Create a Simple Sidewalk Chalk STEM Game

How to Create a Simple Sidewalk Chalk STEM Game

Spring is upon and it is finally time (at least up here in Maine) to get outside and stretch our legs!  My kids love playing with sidewalk chalk so we have a lot of it on hand.  I decided to use the chalk to create a Simple Sidewalk Chalk STEM Game for the kids to play. 

This game is great for early learners and helping to reinforce basic math facts.  If you have a piece of side walk chalk and a die you can play this game. 


  • Draw squares (hopscotch style) on the ground.
  • Make a bigger square at the beginning and end and label the first start and last final.
  • Number the squares from 1 up to 20 (you can make more squares as well).
  • Have the kids line up to take turns.
  • Give the first player the die and have them roll. 
  • The player will move that number of squares.
  • Have each player take a turn.
  • On the next turn have the players roll again – this time they will need to add the number on the die to the number of their square to know which spot to move to (younger players could just count the number of squares).
  • Continue until someone reaches the finish line.

How to Create a Simple Sidewalk Chalk STEM GameThe kids had a lot of fun playing this simple game.  The setup took a few minutes and the kids played the game multiple times.  I love how excited they were to play and how easy it was to help reinforce what they are learning in school outside in a fun game.

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