How to Enjoy Mama Time!

How to Enjoy Mama Time!

How to Enjoy Mama Time!

Are you at the point in life where you might actually have a minute (or thirty) of time for yourself?  Have your kids started going to school full time or are they in day care part of the day for socialization?  How you have managed the free time doesn’t matter so much as what to do with it?!?  If you are a Crafty Mama like me I’ve compiled a list of books that will help you fill your creative needs as well as give you something to help fill your free time.  Read on for some suggestions of adult crafting books that might help show you how to enjoy Mama Time!

Little Loom Weaving by Andrea Gomes

I have never done weaving but this looks like such a fun creative outlet that makes things that people may actually be happy to be on the receiving end of!  (I received a copy of the book free for promotional purposes.)

DIY, DAMMIT by Joselyn Hughes

Do you want to be crafty but no matter how hard you try you end up swearing??  If so this book might just be what you need!

Pop-Up Cards by Emily Gregory

Looking for the element of surprise and delight?  Learn to make these fabulous Pop-Up Cards!

Trace & Color In Any Medium: Pets by Peter Mueller 

Like art but not a Van Gogh?  These awesome Trace & Color books will help turn your art from drab to fab!

Inspired Origami by Camilla Sanderson & John Morin

Do you fancy paper crafting?  Said to calm the mind and soothe the soul I think most moms could use a little of this in their lives!

My First Knitting Book by Hildegarde Deuze

Do you like the idea of knitting but not know how to start?  This knitting book will be perfect to help you get started! 

Cross-Stitch to Calm by Leah Lintz

Learn how to Cross-Stitch and find a way to de-stress at the same time.

Adult Coloring Book Designs

Looking for a quick craft break for any time?  Adult coloring books are perfect for this!

Let me know what your favorite crafting outlet is?  I personally like to scrapbook (although I don’t find much time to do it!)

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