How to Keep Busy in an RV

How to Keep Busy in an RV

How to Keep Busy in an RV

When this post goes live we will be in the midst of our first RV trip (wish us luck!!).  In my planning – I purchased some items and did some research on how to keep busy in an RV.  Since I had done all of this work I decided to share it with my readers.  Hopefully some of these ideas work for you (and us too!).  I will update after our trip if I come up with any other ideas.

Free Activities (no prep work)

  • Take a look at this list of 5 No Prep Fun Filled Travel Games from The Resourceful Mama – she listed pretty much all of the games I would have.  
  • For older children and adults you could play the license plate game (keep a list of what license plates you see).  
  • You can sign songs.
  • You can plot routes on a map.

Activities to do in the RV you can purchase from Amazon

(I mean who doesn’t love free two day shipping?!? – I can’t be the only one in love with Amazon Prime!  I am not an Amazon Affiliate – just an actual customer).

  • Children’s word search puzzle books (example here)
  • Children’s maze books (example here)
  • Sticky Mosiacs (example here)
  • Travel Bingo (link here)
  • Take Along Games (link here)
  • Mad Libs (they even have a Junior version – check it out here)

Take a look at some great ideas from other bloggers on how to keep busy in an RV (or car)

Summer Scavenger Hunts from The Resourceful Mama

DIY Travel Felt Board from Preschool Toolkit

15 Items that I Make Sure are in my Car from Play Dough & Popsicles (could translate to RV as well) 

How to Entertain Kids that Get Car Sick {Road Trip Survival Guide) from Books and Giggles

Kids Pom Pom Craft from CraftCreateCalm  (this could make a great busy bag) 

5 No Prep Fun Filled Travel Games from The Resourceful Mama

Take a look at some additional great ideas that were shared as part of the Road Trip Activities Free Unit Study

How to Keep Busy in an RV

Road Trip Activities from 3 Boys and a Dog
Road Trip Games for Kids from Look! We’re Learning!
Best Children Audio Books for Road Trips from The Jenny Evolution
Alphabet Travel Tic Tac Toe from Letters of Literacy
Kids Road Trip Scavenger Hunt Game from Schooling a Monkey
How To Turn Family Travel Into Learning Experiences from iGameMom
Are We There Yet? Maps For Kids from Books and Giggles
5 Fun Things To Do On A Road Trip from The Usual Mayhem
Outdoor Breaks for Road Trips from FrogMom
Best Family Road Trip Music from Bambini Travel
Road Trip Notebooking Pages from Year Round Homeschooling
Travel Journal from Embark on the Journey
Printable Road Trip Games from Mrs. Karle’s Sight and Sound Reading
Road Trip Activities from Tales of Education at Home
Car Scavenger Hunt from Planet Smarty Pants

How to Keep Busy in an RV


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