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Guess who had a hamburger with his dinner???

That’s right – this boy!


So if you haven’t guessed it – we didn’t receive good news at the vets today.  Tool has lymphoma – it can be controlled by chemo potentially but that is very costly and not a guarantee.  If we knew it would give us another year or more I think it would have been more of a no brainer but we don’t want the rest of his life to be spent trying treatment after treatment.

So starting today Tool is getting spoiled a little bit more!  The original reason we went to the vet was for his excessive drinking – I never thought it would be something serious – let alone cancer.  The drinking is caused by elevated calcium in his blood which turns out can be indicative of cancer.  We are treating the hypercalcemia with steriods which can help mask the cancer symptoms as well until there is no more masking them.

So I am sad and I may have had a vet tech crying along with me today but I guess all I can say is I’m happy for every minute this sweet boy has been part of our lives and am going to enjoy every last minute we have him with us.  The vet couldn’t give us any concrete timeline – she said it could be as little as two weeks and up to six months – so as long as Tool is happy and not in pain we will celebrate him.

He turns 7 on March 14th and we are going to have a birthday party!  Our other dog Zoe will be 6 on the 16th so it is a joint celebration.  We are going to bake a turkey (Tool loves turkey!!!) and make pup cakes and homemade frosty paws.  The vet said to indulge him and we sure will.  I mean today he had a hamburger and some turkey bacon!

Right now I’m trying not to think about the end – if I do I cry.  We told the kids tonight that he was sick and would get sicker eventually and have to go to doggie heaven.  They understand sick but don’t understand death – I wish they didn’t have to for a few more years at least.  We will cross that bridge when we come to it – I honestly think they still won’t understand completely.

The amount of time we have is unknown but all I can hope is that at the end he knows how much we love him and will miss him.


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