Multigenerational Family Trip to Story Land

***My family received complimentary admission to Story Land in exchange for my time and for reporting my opinion within this blog***

Multigenerational Family Trip to Story Land

Multigenerational Family Trip to Story Land

This year we experienced a first at Story Land!  We enjoyed a day at the park with not just our kids but also my parents!  Lets talk ratios – 2 adults to 1 kid – man on man was it nice!  My parents hadn’t been to Story Land since my childhood back in the middle 80’s.  My mom was impressed with how many new attractions there were but also with how many were still there from our previous visit.  I would definitely recommend a Multigenerational Family Trip to Story Land!

Story Land opened for business is 1954 and continues to thrill children of all ages each season.  They are open for the season in late May and close in early October.  Make sure you check the calendar for open hours and dates.  Check for pricing on day passes and season passes here.

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Our kids have come to expect our visits and it is so fun to see them get excited.  They talk about all of their old favorite rides and what they are going to do.  After our first visit we realized we should come with the kids bathing suits so they could fully enjoy Oceans of Fun Sprayground.  They love getting sprayed and having a chance to cool off on hot summer days.

Our  Families 2018 Top 5 Rides at Story Land

  1. Bamboo Chutes
  2. Dr. Geysers Remarkable Raft Ride
  3. Polar Coaster
  4. Flying Fish
  5. The Pirate Ship

For fun I left the list from last year here so you can see how things varied for us from year to year.  (disclaimer – this year it was colder so the kids didn’t do the Splash Battle and the Swan Boats were closed during our visit)

Our  Families 2017 Top 5 Rides at Story Land

  1. Bamboo Chutes
  2. Dr. Geysers Remarkable Raft Ride
  3. Splash Battle: Pharaoh’s Reign
  4. Swan Boats
  5. Polar Coaster

Even though Chloe said she wouldn’t ride Roar-O-Saurus again after last year she decided to give it another go this year with her Gramie.  Since my dad was there as well he stayed with Buddy and hubby got to ride as well.  I love the picture we got of the four of us on the ride!

Multigenerational Family Trip to Story Land

I would definitely recommend the Digital Picture Pass – we got it this time and for $29.99 I feel like it was well worth it.  I love the memories we captured and will be able to share with future generations.  My absolute favorite is of the kids and my parents on the Bamboo Chutes.  While Chloe may look terrified in the pictures you should know that she loved the rides!!

Multigenerational Family Trip to Story Land

If you are in New England and looking for a fun family day make sure you check out Story Land and plan a visit.  Before you know it you will have started a new family tradition!

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