Oodles of Fun Cupcake & Wine Mommy Playdate

Oodles of Fun Cupcake & Wine Mommy PlaydateOodles of Fun Cupcake & Wine Mommy Playdate

I was super excited to hear that Tryazon had picked me to host an Oodles of Fun Cupcake Party.  I absolutely LOVE baking and decorating cakes so I was very excited to test out the Sweet Creations products.  My party box arrived and I was excited to take a look at the content.  I decided to host a Cupcakes & Wine Mommy Playdate 🙂  

How to plan your own Cupcake & Wine Mommy Playdate

  • Pick a date (try to pick a date a month out to allow more people to add it to their schedule before they are booked)
  • Send out invites (I use Facebook to create an event)
  • Back (or purchase) cupcakes
  • Make (or purchase) frosting
  • Buy fun sprinkles and decorations
  • Buy assorted kinds of wine for sampling
  • Put the kids to bed or leave them home with dad
  • Relax and have a great evening!

At our party we tested out some of the great new Sweet Creations products – the box included the following:

  • 16 Oodle Tip Stars (check out an awesome video demonstration below)


Unfortunately due to scheduling conflicts only one other mom could come – but we had a blast!  We chatted, drank some wine and decorated a bunch of cupcakes.  I prepared for quite a few people so we had a lot of extra stuff but we still had fun.  My one attendee was very happy as she didn’t have to fight for any of the supplies I gave away – she got to take home a cupcake divider, corer, and batter scoop plus a dozen cupcakes!

Oodles of Fun Cupcake & Wine Mommy Playdate

As an avid baker I wasn’t 100% sold on all of the products.  I think the corer would be great to use if I ever want to stuff cupcakes so I am excited to try that out in the future.  I found the scoop to be very messy and hard to use.  I would set it to the correct size and then it would drip and drop everywhere plus it was a pain to try to use with the divider in place.  I love the cupcake stand and have already used it again at my sons birthday party!  The boxes and papers were as high quality as an other brand I have ever used and I would definitely recommend them.

I was really excited to try the Oodle Star Tips and very disappointed.  The tips were hard to cut with kitchen scissors and didn’t hold the shape with my traditional buttercream recipe.  We cut on the areas shown in the picture on the package and had a hard time getting the correct shapes.  I think maybe if I used a very stiff frosting they would work better.  I will try them again the future and see if I have the same experience.

Overall we had a great time – I would definitely purchase Sweet Creations seasonal products like cupcake wrappers and boxes.

***I received a party box from Tryazon and Sweet Creations but all opinions expressed are my own***

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