Review of Alphabet Doodles Book

Review of Alphabet Doodles Book

Review of Alphabet Doodles Book

Do you have a preschooler that is working on learning the alphabet?  I do so I was really excited for the opportunity to review the Alphabet Doodles Book by Lucy Anne Jennings.  Lucy blogs at Creative Little Readers so pop over and take a look at her page.

Buddy (my son) currently attends Pre-K and they work on one letter each week.  At this point he knows all but three letters from the alphabet on site recognition but needs more practice forming the letters.  The Alphabet Doodles Book is great as it allows kids to practice their letters but also to be creative. 

There are two pages dedicated to each letter.  The first page includes a picture with the upper and lower case letters included as well as practice handwriting lines.  The second page includes a blank page for the kids to create an illustration and more practice lines.

I love that the doodles included for each letters aren’t necessarily items that the kids would see when being taught at school.  It shows them that creativity is ok.  My kids go to public school and way they are taught is very rigid so it is nice to see a resource book that is more creative.

The practice handwriting lines are blank.  If you want you can demonstrate the letter so the kids have an example.  The only addition to the book I would like to see as a parent is the inclusion of one line of dotted uppercase letters to trace and one line of dotted lowercase letters to trace.  With a son that is just learning handwriting it would be helpful to have for practicing.  For future practice days I will go through and make some tracing letters prior to calling Buddy to the table to work.

Buddy went through the book and practiced his letters.  He didn’t do any doodling but he was in one of “those” moods (if you are a parent you know what I mean).  He loved the doodle letter shapes and finding the placement of the upper and lowercase letters in each picture.

Review of Alphabet Doodles Book

The Alphabet Doodles Book is a great resource for parents of children learning the alphabet.  You can purchase it at the address below:

***I received a copy of the Alphabet Doodles Book free for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own***

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