Review of the 3 Step Training Kit from The Pencil Grip, Inc

Review of the 3 Step Training Kit from The Pencil Grip, Inc

Review of the 3 Step Training Kit from The Pencil Grip, Inc

Do you struggle with messy penmanship or have a child learning to write?  If so you should read on to hear about the 3 Step Training Kit from The Pencil Grip, Inc.  The kit includes a use guide that includes a chart that shows correct and incorrect handwriting positions.

My son – who I affectionately call Buddy – is in Pre-K and has been learning his letters and learning to write his name this year.  I figured he would be the perfect assistant to test out the 3 Step Training Kit.  

Our Review

We tried out all three of the grips provided.  We started with The Original Grip.  This was the grip that Buddy struggled with the most.  His fingers didn’t stay correctly positioned as easily.  This is the one I would prefer to use if I was going to use one though – its less bulky feeling.

Next we tried The Pinch Grip.  Buddy did better with this – it was easier for him to keep his fingers in the proper position.  I struggled using this because of the finger placement – it didn’t feel natural to me (which probably means I use an incorrect handwriting position!).  

Finally we tested The Crossover Grip.  Buddy did the best with this.  His fingers naturally went into position and he formed his letters with less struggle.  This grip has moved from the pen it came on to his pencil and now lives in his pencil box!  Again I struggled with this grip as it has very specific places for your fingers to be and my fingers had a mind of their own!

Review of the 3 Step Training Kit from The Pencil Grip, Inc

Overall I think that the Pencil Grips could be quite beneficial.  In the 15 minutes I used them with Buddy he had started to hold his pencil much more confidently and correctly.  I was impressed with how easily he picked it up and how much he liked it.  I would definitely recommend these grips to anyone trying to help their child learn to write correctly or trying to better their own penmanship.  

Additional Product Information

Have you ever wondered if you are using an incorrect handwriting position?  If so check out this link below:

Correct and Incorrect Handwriting Chart

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3 Step Training Kit

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***I received this product free for review purposes and was compensated.  All opinions stated are my own***

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