Sacramento Children’s Museum

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Sacramento Children’s Museum

Sacramento Children’s Museum

Driving to the Sacramento Children’s Museum I wasn’t sure what to expect – the area seemed very commercial. We pulled up and the outside of the building had a sign but on first impression didn’t look like it would have a Children’s Museum inside.

Sacramento Children’s Museum

Once we entered the building though – GAME ON!  While I haven’t been to a ton of Children’s Museums I was greatly impressed with this one.  The space wasn’t huge but it was well utilized.

The kids took off and we didn’t worry as there was only one entrance to the building and we could see it for almost everywhere we stood.  Compared to our local children’s museum this one was in great shape.  The different “exhibits” all were working and well maintained.  I liked the open concept inside as it allowed the kids to flow freely between the different areas while still being visible.

Sacramento Children’s Museum

Our kids favorite area was the wall with the vacuum tubes that they could insert large pom poms or scarves into and have them fly out.  They had so much fun closing the tubes and switching the flow of air.  They ran and frolicked and just had a great time.  They would leave this area to go to others and end up back again.

My favorite area in the children’s museum was the art room.  The glass wall between the art room and main room was set up for the kids to paint on.  At certain times each day it was cleaned and then the next set of kids could repaint it.  We were at the Children’s museum on Father’s Day and they had a ton of craft materials and ideas set out for the kids to create gifts for their dads.  They could make picture frames, cards and more.  My kids worked happily at the various stations in the art room for more than a half hour which really impressed me.  The room was clean, organized, and well stocked with supplies to allow the kids to either complete the suggested crafts or to allow them to use their own creativity.

Sacramento Children’s Museum

Our kids had a great time running around and being kids in a safe environment that was just for them.  I would definitely recommend a visit to the Sacramento Children’s Museum if you live in the area of are just visiting.  My daughter was so sad to leave knowing that we wouldn’t get a chance to come back.  If we were local I would definitely buy a membership and go on a regular basis.

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