Summer Fun: Stitch-a-Pal Kit

Summer Fun: Stitch-a-Pal Kit

Recently I got an email from A.C. Moore with their coupons (you can sign up on the bottom of their home page) and went in to stock up on some projects for the kids.  They have a huge section in their store with $1 project kits.  Today we did a Stitch-a-Pal kit.

The picture below is a copy of their ad from this week and it shows the summer deals.  If you click on the photo it should take you to the current sale flyer.  They have a pretty large section of the craft kits for only $1!  Such a great deal and the kits  are pretty great.


Summer Fun: Stitch-a-Pal Kit

The kits included a plastic needle, yarn, and foam pieces to create a foam animal.  You do need craft glue to put on the small detail pieces as this is not included.

Buddy picked a dinosaur and Boo Boo picked a dog.  The kits say 8+ so I knew that they would need help but I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to work on their fine motor skills.

Summer Fun: Stitch-a-Pal Kit

They both did great work – I would say Buddy did 50% of his sewing and Boo Boo did probably 85%.  They did great waiting for turns with me helping – it turned out to be a really nice project that they both enjoyed!

Make sure you go check out your local A.C. Moore and stock up on some craft kits for those rainy days!

***This post is not sponsored by A.C. Moore – I’m just sharing from my personal experience***

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