Treworgy Family Orchards

Treworgy Family Orchards

Treworgy Family Orchards

I’ll say it again – I love fall!  The cooler nights, the chilly mornings, the beautiful leaves, pumpkin and apple picking, Halloween, and the list goes on…

This past weekend my family had the distinct pleasure of being guests at Treworgy Family Orchards.  We got to the farm at 1oam when it opened and didn’t leave until after 2pm.  We had a blast!

If you aren’t familiar with Treworgy Family Orchards and you live in Central Maine you are missing out.  The farm is located in Levant – roughly 10 minutes outside of Bangor.   Visit the Treworgy Family Orchards website for additional information.

Treworgy Family Orchards has a lot do year round but fall certainly provides a host of family friendly activities:

  • Petting Zoo
  • Ice Cream
  • Maine Farm Gift Shop
  • Pick-Your-Own Raspberries
  • Corn Maze
  • Pick-Your-Own Apples (4 varieties to choose from)
  • Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins
  • Horse-Drawn Farm Tours (Weekends only)
  • Tractor Hayrides (Thurs-Sun)
  • Orchard Cafe
  • Orchard Folk Concert Series (find the schedule here)

Our Visit

Petting Zoo

When you arrive at Treworgy you park (if you get there early on the weekend) right up front by the farm stand and the animals.  My kids were very excited to pet the goats and feed them (make sure you have quarters so your kids can get food from the machines).  This year there was also a bunny and the kiddos were excited to pet it.  They pet the goats while I got the tickets to the corn maze (and after ice cream and again before we left!).

Petting Zoo

Corn Maze

The Corn Maze was our first destination this year – after we got our tickets we headed right down to get started.  You can find more information on the Treworgy website about the corn maze here.  This year the theme is Edwin the Elephant’s Exciting Escapade.

There are 6 check points in the maze.  As you travel through the maze you will punch off the clues on the bottom of your ticket until you are left with the location of Edwin.  This year my mom and I let the kids lead – they had a blast (other then when they were fighting about who’s turn it was to lead).  I think we may have walked around the entire maze a few times but it was all in fun.

If the fun of doing a corn maze doesn’t win you over – how about a corn maze and a free ice cream?  I personally would do the corn maze anyways but I love ice cream so that definitely sweetens the pot for me!

Treworgy Family Orchards

Tractor Hayrides

We always enjoy a hayride.  This year after the corn maze we walked down by the pond where there the big pumpkin stand is (and overflow parking) and waited for the tractor to come by.  We rode up past the apple orchard to the main entrance to enjoy an ice cream.  In the past years we used the tractor a lot as the kids got tired much faster and the hayrides were a novel way to get around.

Treworgy Family Orchards

Ice Cream

After our hayride we stopped for ice cream!  We turned our corn maze tickets in and all received an ice cream.  With your ticket you can get a standard chocolate, vanilla or twist cone or dish.  You can also come to Treworgy’s just for ice cream – their stand offers 25 flavors of soft serve and 16 flavors of hard serve.

Treworgy Family Orchards

Pick-Your-Own Apples

After ice cream (and petting the goats again of course!) we headed back down to the apple orchards to pick some apples.  The picking was great.  The trees provide ample picking up higher for adults and plenty of opportunities for children to pick from lower branches.  We ended up bringing home two pecks – one of McIntosh and one of Cortlands and they are both delicious!  The 2015 price for pick-your-own apples is $1.30/lb.

Treworgy Family Orchards

Horse-Drawn Farm Tours

The kids were excited to head out for the Horse-Drawn farm tour.  It was interesting to learn that Fred and Fran (the Belgan-Suffolk draft horses pulling the wagon) are twins.  The ride around the farm was something we hadn’t done before and it offered some different views and information we hadn’t heard before.  Our tour guide and driver were both very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions we had.  I found it very exciting to hear that they will be offering horse drawn wagon/sled rides during the Christmas season this year (weather permitting).

Treworgy Family Orchards

Pick-Your-Own Pumpkins

We saved the best for last – at least in my opinion.  I love picking pumpkins and have ever since I was little.  The challenge of finding the one pumpkin that is just perfect for you!  Buddy decided he wanted a traditional orange pumpkin and searched a few minutes before he declared he found “the one”.

Boo Boo decided that she wanted a ghost pumpkin this year so off we marched with our wagon in tow to that section of the pumpkin patch.  She found a pumpkin at the end of the row that had been abandoned (it is missing its stem) and immediately said she wanted it.  I told her to look at a few more before she made up her mind but she was firm that the first one she saw was it.  Back we walked to pick up the biggest pumpkin I’ve ever personally held.

The walk back up the lawn (and hill) to the car was a bit difficult with our wagon loaded down with two large pumpkins and two pecks of apples.  Finally we got the system down – my mom and I pulling in the front and the kids pushing from behind (I may or may not have ran Buddy over a little bit before we figured it out…ooops 🙁 )  We delivered our goods to the car and went back out to purchase some baked goods and gourds.

Treworgy Family Orchards

Farm Stand/Orchard Cafe

My mom wanted to buy some gourds for her house and I let the kids each pick one small gourd to paint.  The 2015 pricing was as follows:

  • Small Gourds – $1.00 each
  • Large Gourds – $0.60/lb
  • All Squash – $1.00/lb
  • All Pumpkins – $0.60/lb

Treworgy Family Orchards Next we headed over to buy some amazing homemade Apple Cider Doughnuts – you can watch them be made through a window (the kids loved that).  They also had pumpkin chocolate whoopie pies (we had to buy one) and fresh apple cider for purchase.

Treworgy Family Orchards

Orchard Folk Concert Series

Before we headed out for the day we stopped to listen to Sassafras Stomp for a few minutes. They sounded great and the lively folk music provided an extra air of magic to the day.  You can find more information about the performers here.

Treworgy Family Orchards

We had a blast at Treworgy’s Family Orchard and were so glad to be invited out to experience all they had to offer.  I know that we will continue going to visit them every fall.  Feel free to share pictures of your visits with me on Facebook!

Check out the giveaway I have running for tickets to the Corn Maze at Treworgy’s here:

Ticket Giveaway to the Treworgy's Corn Maze

 ***My family and I received admission to the corn maze, a horse drawn farm tour, two pick your own pumpkins, and two pecks of pick your own apples.  All opinions expressed and pictures are mine.***

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