4 Tips to Make International Travel Affordable for Your Family

4 Tips to Make International Travel Affordable for Your Family

4 Tips to Make International Travel Affordable for Your Family

Traveling the world is usually associated with steep expenses, but you don’t have to drain a lifetime’s worth of savings to take your family on an international escape. There are many tricks that will help you travel beyond the bounds of the United States on a reasonable budget. With plenty of planning and a few smart strategies, you can enjoy the vacation of a lifetime again and again.

Avoid the Best-Known Tourist Traps

4 Tips to Make International Travel Affordable for Your Family

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Look beyond well-known travel destinations and try exploring some of the cities that see less traffic. For a nature-inspired getaway, try Belize instead of Costa Rica. Visit Warsaw, Poland, for culture and history instead of the more popular London. Swap the pricey beaches of Cancun for the paradise of Playa del Carmen. Ditch Dublin and stay in Galway City, Ireland, instead. Shop for travel deals to make the most of these destinations. Expedia coupons can help you cut back on already affordable spots.

Arrange for Group Travel

Traveling alone, you shoulder all the travel expenses yourself. If you arrange to travel in a group, you can split some of the costs while enjoying more personalized service. See if you can get two or three other families to travel with you. Together, you may have enough guests to qualify for group rates, private tours, and special discounts.

Time Your Trip Right

Find out which season is slowest in your chosen destination. When you’re booking international travel, it’s important to consider the local schedules. Find out when nearby schools are in session or on break, and avoid times when the locals are enjoying a few days off. Consider the city’s calendar of events as well. Unless you’re deeply intrigued by a holiday, music festival, or other event, make sure your visit doesn’t overlap with major happenings. Any time there’s a special event taking place, you’ll see higher prices for everything from flights to hotels.

Visiting during the slow season, you’ll typically find bargain prices for hotels and more throughout the city. Just make sure you find out why that season is less popular and prepare adequately. Some attractions close during the city’s off season. Weather is often a key reason for slower tourist traffic, so you might need a good jacket or rain boots to properly traverse your destination at this time.

Try Unique Accommodations

If you’re accustomed to staying in a chain hotel, consider getting off the beaten path a bit more and trying something different. Book a private room at a hostel and you can enjoy the rock bottom prices while maintaining enough personal space for a family vacation. With Airbnb, you can negotiate directly with the individual renting out their room, home, or apartment for an affordable stay. Try coupons from Hotels.com or a similar site for discounted rooms at boutique hotels.

There’s no reason to resign yourself to a round of bland vacations in neighboring states. Use these tricks to globe trot with your family on any budget, making great memories all over the world.

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