How to Freshen your Holiday Decor with 4 DIY Ideas

How to Freshen your Holiday Decor with 4 DIY Ideas

How to Freshen your Holiday Decor with 4 DIY Ideas

Are you tired of the same boring decorations every holiday season? Buying a few manufactured items at a home improvement superstore won’t solve the issue. You need to take matters into your own hands with a few DIY projects. Here are four creative tips for holiday home decorations.

Shiny Centerpiece

How to Freshen your Holiday Decor with 4 DIY Ideas

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Family meals are an integral part of the holiday season. When your loved ones visit, you can impress them with this conversation starter. All you need is some fake fruit, white and silver glitter, and an attractive serving dish. Larger fruits are preferable for this DIY centerpiece. A pear, an apple, and a banana would look great. You can accentuate them with grapes if you want something smaller to fill the bare spots in the bowl.

The crafting process begins when you mix white and silver glitter together. Use more white to create a wintry look for your glitter mix. Dust your concoction on the fake fruit. Then, position the fruit on the serving dish. You’ll have a shiny centerpiece featuring sparkling fruit thanks to the magic of glitter.

Snow Jar

Nothing sets the mood for the holiday season like a constant reminder of snow. You don’t need inclement weather, either. Instead, you can foster the illusion of snow inside your home. All you need is an apothecary jar, preferably with some sort of tree design. A blank one will work, but trees will emphasize the theme. If you can’t find one, insert a few dwarf bottlebush trees in the container. Once you have a satisfactory jar, simply add Epsom salt. You’ll have a snow jar that looks like a larger snow globe.

Banister Stocking

Where do you put your stockings if you don’t own a fireplace? A great solution is to place them your banister instead. Take all your stockings and tether them to railing. You can use garlands as ties and gorgeous twinkle lights from Christmas Lights Etc to brighten the backdrop. The DIY stocking relocation will attract your attention each time you walk through the door. Plus, you can sneak some candy into the stockings from time to time as a treat for your family.

Candy Candle

Since childhood, people learn to associate candy with the holiday season. Vivid recollections of hanging stockings provide joyful moments of reminiscing. You can recreate this sensation with a vase and some candy. Choose a vase that best resembles an oversized Roman candle. You want to stuff as much candy in it as possible, so size matters. A cylindrical shape is great since the candy at the bottom of the vase is equally accessible as the tasty treats at the top.

Once you’ve settled on your candle, pick your candy. Choose traditional holiday tastes like peppermint and chocolate. Stuff the candle using a layering process. Stick candy canes on the bottom tier, place peppermint patties on top of them, and then finish with Hershey’s Kisses as the final layer. When you’re done, you’ll have a candy candle.

Don’t feel doomed to endure drab holiday decor. Employ the suggestions above to turn your holiday decorations into an unforgettable display.

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