How to Make 5 Awesome Office Supply Crafts

How to Make 5 Awesome Office Supply Crafts

How to Make 5 Awesome Office Supply Crafts

Why would you want to make crafts from office supplies? Maybe you’re bored at work. Perhaps someone you know went out of business and offered you boxes full of freebies from the supply closet. Or maybe you want to create an office-themed gift for a coworker or a friend who is starting a new business. A truly devoted crafter might just be attracted to the challenge and not even need any other reason. 

Push Pin Trees

How to Make 5 Awesome Office Supply Crafts

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Nothing could be simpler than this creative office supply tree for the holidays. Just cover a styrofoam cone with push pins and you have a smart, sparkly, office-themed decoration. Make it your own by decorating the finished tree, or try using colored push pins to create fanciful designs.

Ruler Mirror

Mirror, mirror on the wall — who is the ruler of them all? Whomever you gift with this ruler-framed mirror, obviously. The directions at the link create a massive, expensive piece, but you could adapt the idea to any scale. If you don’t have dozens of rulers on hand, shop for them using Office Depot coupons from Goodshop (so you can donate to charity at the same time).

Pencil Cup

If the mirror seems daunting, start with this five-minute, five-dollar idea instead. This clever container makes an adorable vase to give flowers to a teacher or use it to keep office supplies handy. Just put a ponytail holder around a clear base, then slide pencils underneath it until the vase is completely encased. Finish with a pretty bow. You could easily adapt this for different purposes by using crayons, pens, mechanical pencils, markers, or paintbrushes.

Duct Tape Cacti

These cute little succulents are made using only tape, decorative paper, scissors, and a little thin gauge wire. The instruction video shows how to make faux pinch pots, but you might want to arrange your cacti in a shallow box of sand to create a desert garden scene instead or put them in clear plastic hanging terrariums.

Water Bottle Lanterns

Every office break room is littered with empty water bottles. Here’s a clever idea that makes treasure out of some of that trash. Cut your design into a sheet of heavy paper, leaving the shapes you cut away attached at one end like flower petals. The link has a downloadable template you can use, or you can create your own designs. Tape each sheet of paper around a water bottle with its top cut off and you have a cute lantern. Use Hobby Lobby coupons to save on LED candles or battery-operated light strings to fill your lanterns. Set a row of lanterns across your mantle, or use them like luminarias to light up your walkway and porch.

Using stodgy office supplies to create whimsical creations is a fun way to kill time at the office or create work-themed gift ideas. Once you’ve looked over these ideas, check in your desk drawer and supply cabinet — then let your imagination run free.


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