Apple & Eve Organics & Organic Quenchers VoxBox Review

Apple & Eve Organics & Organic Quenchers VoxBox Review

Apple & Eve Organics & Organic Quenchers VoxBox Review

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This is the second #VoxBox  I have received- you can read more about my first here.

Taste Testing

This #VoxBox was full of Apple & Eve Organics juices.  Our box contained a 1 liter carton of 100% Juice Organics Natural Style Apple and 3 Organic Quenchers Juice Boxes in Berrylicious Lemonade, Fruit Punch Burst and Razzberry Apple Spash.  I was excited for it to come because I love being able to include my children with products I review.  We set up a taste testing to review the different juices.

We had four types of juice to test so each kid had four cups.  We also had crackers to eat in between juices to clear our palates.  The kids were excited to part of such an official taste testing!

Apple & Eve Organics & Organic Quenchers VoxBox Review

The Results

Natural Style Apple (1 liter)

  • Boo Boo did not care for the apple juice
  • Buddy said “This is really, really the best one!!”  ***this was his favorite, hands down
  • I love it it!  I like the size of the container.  The taste reminded me slightly of apple cider. 

Berrylicious Lemonade (Quencher)

  • Boo Boo said “Yummy – I’m going to drink it all!!”  ***this ended up being her favorite
  • Buddy said “Good!”
  • I though you could really taste the raspberry and that it was a little bitter (note – I’m not a fan of raspberry’s)

Fruit Punch Burst (Quencher)

  • Boo Boo said “This smells like fruit snacks” (note – she likes fruit snacks!)
  • Buddy said “Good – better than the first”
  • I thought it was good – the initial taste was very good  ***this was my favorite

Razzberry Apple Splash (Quencher)

  • Boo Boo said “I like them all!!!”
  • Buddy said “Good”
  • I thought it was very similar in flavor to the lemonade in the initial taste but the ending flavor was different

Overall Experience

We really enjoyed tasting the juices.  I love that they are healthier than a lot of options currently available for juice boxes.  My kids have juice once a day (if that) so I’m not super worried about the sugar intake but its nice to know that I can find fun flavors that are healthier if I wanted them.  I really liked the 1 liter container of apple juice and so did hubby since he drank most of it!  

If you are trying to buy organic this is a great option.  I would definitely recommend the juices and so would the kids.

***I received the juices complimentary for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are my own***


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