AquaVault Review and Giveaway

AquaVault Review and Giveaway

Above Photos Courtesy of AquaVault

AquaVault Review and Giveaway

***I received the AquaVault in exchange for an honest review***

The AquaVault Review

We are packing and getting ready for an extended vacation in another country.  This trip we will have passports, cash, credit cards, cell phones, and a camera to worry about.  I’m sure you have all been on vacations and in similar situations.  Have you ever gone to a theme park and worried about your belongings if you left them briefly on the stroller?  If your answer was yes then keep reading to learn more about the AquaVault.

I received the AquaVault to review and was very excited for it to arrive.  I was thrilled that we got it in time for our vacation.  I decided to test the AquaVault at home prior to flying with it.  

Upon opening the box I found the AquaVault wrapped in a thin layer of plastic.  There were two very easy to follow small instruction papers.  The operating instructions are also printed on the inside of the lid.  

AquaVault Review and Giveaway

This safe is incredibly easy to operate.  It operates with a combination lock.  It comes on the factory setting which is 0-0-0.  There is a pin inside that you move from A to B to reset the combination to your choosing.  Upon setting the number you move the pin back from B to A.  Viola – you are set to use the safe!

The safe is made to lock around your beach chair, stroller, closet rod – really anything that can fit through the hole in between the lid and base.  I brought one of our lawn chairs into the house to test it out.  It didn’t have a rung along the back so I thought it might not work but it fit (barely) around the arm.  

AquaVault Review and Giveaway

I’m looking forward to taking the AquaVault with us.  We will keep our valuables in it while we are on vacation.  I will update this post again after my return to let you know how the AquaVault worked for us.  

I am also excited at the possibility of taking this with us when we go to Disney World on our next trip.  I like the idea of an extra level of security without having to rent a locker.  I can honestly say anytime we stay in a hotel, go to a pool or waterpark I know that we will take the AquaVault with us and worry less about our important belongings.

To find more information about AquaVault click on the links below:

The AquaVault Giveaway

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to host a giveaway for an AquaVault as well.  One lucky reader will win their own AquaVault.  The AquaVault retails for $44.95.  

The prize will ship directly from AquaVault.

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