Coloring Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs

Coloring Easter Eggs

Today we dyed eggs for Easter.  I am an avid sale shop – after each holiday I stock up on stuff that will be fun to do with the kids at clearance prices!  My favorite stores to frequent for after holiday sales are Christmas Tree Shoppes, Hobby Lobby, Target and Walmart.  I also try to go to Mardens (a local discount store) – they are hit and miss on what you can find but you can get some awesome deals.

Last year I bought 5 different kits really cheap with stickers, egg stands, wraps, and the dye pellets (I probably don’t need to buy any this year – but I probably will :))

I hard boiled the eggs – I use Betty Crocker’s method – put the eggs in a pan with cold water an inch over the tops, bring to boil, turn off heat, cover and let sit for 18 minutes.  Cool down in a cold water bath.

I followed the instructions for making the dyes – 1/2 cup warm water, 3 tablespoons of vinegar (not with the pink) and one tablet.  After I made the dyes I had the kids go to their spots and pick which colors they wanted – surprisingly there were no fights.  They put their eggs in gently (as instructed) and we set a timer for 5 minutes.  They played until the timer went off and then we repeated the process.  I punched the cutouts from the back of one of the boxes and used that to dry the eggs.

dying 1

Once the eggs were dry I invited the kids back up to the table to use the stickers to decorate their eggs.  They did an awesome job!


It honestly is amazing how quickly kids change – thinking back to last year I remember how much of a struggle it was to decorate eggs.  This was a fun morning activity in our house followed up by tacos for lunch – Boo Boo has decided she thinks we should have tacos for Easter dinner!  I thought that was a riot – evidently I need to make tacos a little more frequently for my kiddos.


The kids were very proud of their eggs and can’t wait to eat them!!  After we dye the eggs we store them in the fridge so we can have them for lunch, Buddy can’t wait – he said he wanted them for dinner.

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