Easter Prep

Life is hectic as usual – we have completed the first of two birthday parties for Boo Boo, got some Easter decorations up and I’m thinking about the second family birthday party this weekend.  I’m not overally stressed about it – the only major thing I need to do is make the cake – I will be baking tomorrow and decorating on Friday for the party on Saturday.  Sometime next week after both parties are finished I will put up a blog about each party with pictures.  So I apologize if I don’t get a blog up every day – I really do try to post often but right now life is busy and like Dory says – “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.

In case any of you are wondering – Tool is doing great.  The prednisone has helped so he isn’t drinking and peeing excessively now.  He doesn’t need to go out in the night which is great!  I know it won’t last forever but we are enjoying this lull.  I know a side effect of steriods can be increased hunger and MAN – this dog is hungry – we were already spoiling him with additional treats but now I swear anytime you move slightly he is ready to run to the kitchen!

So yesterday we did a quick Easter project to change out the artwork in the kids frames.  I picked up little chick sticker kits at the Target Dollar Spot and decided to have the kids do those – a quick easy project!


  • Dollar spot sticker kits
  • Piece of construction paper in kids choice


I opened up the kits, had the kids pick a piece of construction paper and they went right to work.


They did an awesome job and now their artwork frames are updated for Easter and spring!


Eventually it might be warm here – I think today is supposed to be a little warmer – I’m feeling hopeful that winter will end!

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