Ribbon Headband Holder

I just finished up sewing a dress and hat for Boo Boo for her birthday.

dress hat

Right now while she is still little I try to make her a dress for her birthday and for her first day of school – I figure I’ll keep at it until she tells me no (which I know will happen someday).

A while ago I had seen a project on Pinterest that I wanted to do.  Boo Boo has a great fondness of headbands and I do as well since they keep her flyaways out of her face.  I had seen a ribbon headband holder and knew I could make it myself.  The pin I found was for an Etsy listing and cost $19.99 plus shipping. Since I had the sewing machine out and had picked up some cute yellow ribbon from the dollar tree recently and already had some white ribbon on hand I decided it was time to make my own headband holder.


  • Solid colored ribbon 7/8 inch thick or bigger
  • Patterned ribbon 5/8 inch thick or bigger depending on your solid color
  • Sewing machine with thread and bobbin in appropriate color
  • Decorative bow or button
  • White Plastic ring for hanging


The thicker ribbon is the backing for the loops you will create with the thinner ribbon.  My loops run from 1-1/2 inches to 2 inches – I wasn’t worried about creating them all the same size as Boo Boo has some headbands that are much wider so they would need bigger holes.  I started by sewing the two ribbons together.  Then I made my first loop, each successive loop folds and is sewn under the loop above so you will not see the stitching.  I made 8 loops – you could make as many as you want.

After I finished my loops I folded the ends of my ribbon over and sewed them under to keep the edges from fraying.  I then cut a piece of my thinner ribbon to go around the top of my holder to cover the stitching and finish the edge.  I looped a small piece of the thinner ribbon around the plastic ring and sewed it on the top.  Finally I hand stitched on the ribbon.

This project cost me $1 and roughly 30 minutes to make versus the $20+ I would have spent to order.  It was super easy to make and can be personalized in any colors you would like.


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