Frozen Party Prep

Starting on prep for Boo Boo’s first birthday party – yup – you heard me right – I’m feeling nutty this year and decided to do a party for family and then a party for kids. I’m already pretty sure that for future a kid party will consist of a playdate with a few kids and cupcakes.

But this year – we are having a party at the local bowling alley for the kids. So this post will focus on the details for that party that I am working on.

Right now I am printing out labels for mini water bottles. I found them at Like Mom and Apple Pie and they can be found here.


Pretty cute huh?

Next I’m going to make Olaf bags for the party favors.  I found these at Team Skelley the blog and the original post can be found here.  I am going to create a tutorial for these and you can find that here.


I’m printing out thank you notes for Boo Boo to sign that we will attach to a small bag of hugs that will be placed inside the Olaf bags.  I found these at Searching Simplicity and the original post can be found here.


I am going to make an Olaf cupcake cake as well – similar to the one found on  My blog about the cake can be found here.


The last thing I’m going to do for this weekend is make Pin the nose on Olaf.  I’m going to enlist the help of my husband for this 🙂 He drew Olaf, I found noses online and printed them and had the kids color them.


Our family loves party mix so I make it for pretty much every holiday or gathering I can.  Since this was Boo Boo’s party she got to pick out the ingredients.  The kiddos and I made it this morning – they love helping make it because they got to munch as we work!


So these are the main details of the party prep.  We will be having the party this afternoon – I can’t wait 🙂  The kids should have a blast – I will do a post after with some pictures from the party!

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