How to Find the Most Reliable Coupon Codes

How to Find the Most Reliable Coupon Codes

How to Find the Most Reliable Coupon Codes

Do you love saving money?  Who doesn’t??  I love shopping online because it gives me the opportunity to research items and shop around for the best prices.  When I find the best price my next search is for coupon codes – I really don’t like spending money I don’t have to – who does?  I have recently found Dealspotr and love how easy it is to use.  From using various sites I find the that Dealspotr has the most reliable coupon codes.

Dealspotr is pretty awesome – they call themselves the “Wikipedia of deals” because their content is crowdsourced.  The 30,000 members add, edit, and police all the deals on Dealspotr to ensure the deals are accurate and complete.

I’ll be honest and say that I always used to use Retailmenot as it was always one of the highest sites to pop up over and over when I would do a search.  I love that Dealspotr provides you with an option to have a personal feed of deals – you can pick specific brands and topics that will curate a daily feed (much like Facebook) of your personalized deals.

Read below – does this sound like you?  It definitely sounds like what I used to do.  

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We know the story – you go to Google, search for “brand name coupons” then click on the first few sites that pop up. You navigate past annoying popups and flashing ads, click on a bunch of deal codes that promise things like “75% off your order (we promise!)” only to face rejection “Please enter a valid discount code.” Sad 🙁

Per our research, the average discount code shopper spends 19 minutes visiting 3 or 4 coupon websites, entering codes, and mostly missing out on the average $14 savings enjoyed with a successful coupon code redemption.

Save Money and Make Money

Dealspotr is different then most other coupon sites though – how you ask?  You can save money and make money!!  So how does Dealspotr work?  When you sign up for an account, you will be prompted to choose categories that you like, next you choose subcategories within those categories, to narrow down the deals even more.  After that you choose specific stores within those categories.  Everyone has their favorite stores to shop at so it’s really nice to be able to tailor your deals to what you really would like to see.  After you have your daily feed set up you can also use the search bar if you are looking for a specific item.

Dealspotr also has a social aspect.  Members curate and posts deals that they find around the web.  If the deals fit within your personalized categories they will show up in your feed.  If you see a deal that you like you have a few options – you can like it, share it, or save it.  If you find someone that posts deals that you like frequently you can hit subscribe and follow them to see all of the deals they post.

You can earn by adding deals or editing existing ones.  Points can be turned into e-gift cards.  You can also earn points by referring others to join Dealspotr – you earn a commission when they sign up and a percentage of their points going forward.  Essentially Dealspotr is paying you to use the site – how awesome is that???  So you save money by using the deals you find on Dealspotr and earn money from points – pretty cool huh? 

Reliable Coupon Codes

So you can make money and save money.  But how reliable are the coupon codes?  Is it worth your time to switch from your old method?  I say yes!

Dealspotr has the highest coverage and reliability of coupon codes in the industry.  Take a look at the graph below to see a study conducted recently.

How to Find the Most Reliable Coupon CodesDealspotr has saved shoppers over $15 million since launching. Over 1 millions shoppers per month visit the site monthly and that number is growing quickly.  

What are you waiting for?  Join Dealspotr today and save money and earn gift cards!
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