Sprocket in your Pocket = Instant Gratification

Sprocket in your Pocket = Instant Gratification

Sprocket in your Pocket = Instant Gratification

I recently received an HP Sprocket Printer and let me tell you – I LOVE IT!!!  It is so cute and easy to use right out of the box.  Hook it up to your computer with the included USB cable to charge, download the Sprocket App on your phone, connect your phone and the Sprocket wirelessly and you are almost ready to go!  After the printer charges you load the Zink Paper according to the package instructions, pick a picture in the App and print!  It honestly couldn’t be easier.

I tested the Sprocket out myself in the house and my husband suggested that I should take it with us to get our Christmas tree at Piper Mountain Tree Farm.  I decided that would be a fun idea.  I took pictures of my various family members as they picked their trees and then printed them a copy.

Sprocket in your Pocket = Instant Gratification

As I told them when I gave them the picture – instant gratification.  They all thought the printer was really awesome.

I love that the pictures have sticky backs so you can adhere them pretty much anywhere.  My husband peeled off half of the backing on one picture and stuck it to the edge of his computer monitor.  You could put them on your fridge, a notebook, the dog, or pretty much anywhere.  

The only downfall to the prints I see is that the image quality and colors aren’t as great as what you would see when printed from a studio.  But I don’t think the quality is any worse than any of the other instant printing cameras on the market currently.

I highly recommend the Sprocket – it is a fun tech gadget for the whole family.  Even Mickey the Elf has gotten in on the fun!

Sprocket in your Pocket = Instant Gratification

Watch for other ideas I have for the Sprocket that I will share in a future blog post!

If you want to learn more about the Sprocket or its refill paper click the links below:

HP Sprocket Printer

HP ZINK Photo Paper

HP Millennial Influencer Panel 

Do you wonder how I get these awesome products from HP?  I am on the HP Millennial Influencer Panel and absolutely love it!  We receive some awesome products to test out and share about.  Take a look at the awesome welcome gift I got for becoming a member of the panel:

Our welcome package included the HP DeskJet 3755, the HP Roar Mini, an HP water bottle, and HP Social Media Snapshots.  The gifts haven’t stopped since then – we have received more HP Snapshots, the HP Sprocket Printer and HP Zink Sticky Back Photo Paper and most recently the HP Card & Invitition Kit.  

The HP Roar Mini is amazing!!  You charge it with a USB cord and then connect it through Bluetooth to your mobile device.  We spent many hours at the pool and camp listening to music from our Roar.  For being so tiny the sound quality and volume is amazing.

I’m grateful to be part of this group and having a blast testing out the products they send! 

***As an HP Millennial Influencer Panel member, I receive products, promotional items and educational material to use and share as I see fit.  However, any opinions expressed by me are my honest and reflect my actual experience.***

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