Fun Family Adventures at LEGOLAND Florida

***Disclosure:  I received complimentary admission to LEGOLAND® Florida.  No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.***

Fun Family Adventures at LEGOLAND® Florida

Fun Family Adventures at LEGOLAND® Florida

Does your house look like a LEGO® store exploded? Mine surely does! We started out with Duplos when the kids were little and graduated up to Juniors and then regular sized LEGO®. The kids LOVE getting new LEGO® sets and playing with the LEGO® apps as well as watching LEGO® cartoons! I knew when we booked our trip to Central Florida that we would couldn’t miss LEGOLand® this visit. This was our first experience with a LEGOLand® and we definitely had a great time!  Read on and gear up for Fun Family Adventures at LEGOLAND® Florida!

We were staying in Kissimmee, Florida in a house we rented so we had roughly an hour ride to get to the park.  We headed out about an hour and half prior to the scheduled park opening so we could make the most of the day.  Unfortunately this turned out to be a BAD idea. We arrived just before opening and got in line to pay to park.  The line was long and it actually took almost 30 minutes to get up to the pay station.  This was not a fun wait – especially since by this time I really had to go to the bathroom.  We paid the extra money to park in the Preferred Parking area so we wouldn’t have to walk as far to get to the bathroom.  The Preferred parking was located in the shade of solar panels so that was definitely a nice perk.

Once we arrived and got out of the car we headed up to the gate. This process was quick (thankfully) and the bathroom was very close to the gate. We got our park maps and headed out on our LEGOLand® adventure.

We started our adventure with a stop on the Grand Carousel in Fun Town. While we were waiting to ride we saw lots of Star Wars characters come out for photo opps. The date we visited was during Star Wars Weekend – make sure you check out the LEGOLand® Florida website to see what special events they have coming up.

Next we went right and headed into Duplo Valley.  We walked through but didn’t stop.  We continued until we reached the World of Chima and the kids and hubby rode The Quest for Chi.  This was a boat ride where you could shoot water out at other riders. My mom and I chose to sit this ride out as we didn’t want to start the day soaked. The kids really enjoyed the ride and it set a great tone to the rest of our day.

Fun Family Adventures at LEGOLAND® Florida

We walked back to the LEGO® Kingdoms and the kids, my mom and I rode on Merlin’s Challenge.  This ride was surprising – I was expecting a kiddie ride that didn’t go very fast but BOY was I wrong! The ride really picked up a lot of speed.  In this section of the park the kids also went on Royal Joust.  The kids really loved that after our visit to Medieval Times the night before (read my review of our visit here).

We visited on a Saturday and it was BUSY!  It was Star Wars Weekend and Girl Scout Weekend from what we could tell. This meant that the bigger rides all had really long waits so unfortunately we didn’t get to go on any.  If you wanted to make sure you didn’t have that problem you can pay for a Premium Play Band to skip to the front of the line.

We ate lunch at LEGO® City Burger Kitchen. The food was good and definitely plentiful.  The wait was long but with the crowds that was to be expected.  As we were eating the wind rolled in and the skies darkened.  We got worried that a thunderstorm was rolling in so we skipped over the water park section of the park and headed back for MINILAND USA.  

When we entered the park we saw a sign stating there was a special scavenger hunt taking placing in MINILAND USA so we knew we didn’t want to miss that.  The kids both received a small prize for turning in the completed scavenger hunt form.  We searched the cityscapes for the hidden Star Wars figures so the kids could get their prize and had a lot of fun exploring and seeing the sites of some familiar cities. The cityscapes were amazing!

Fun Family Adventures at LEGOLAND® Florida

Finally we headed into the Heartlake City – themed for the LEGO® Friends as Boo Boo really wanted see it.  We didn’t end up going on any of the rides but did start our shopping there!  We had a great day that ended up in the gift shops!  The kids had fun looking at all the different LEGO® sets and ended up both picking up two to take home with us.  Good thing Gramie had extra space in her suitcase!

LEGOLand® is the perfect place to visit if you have small children that love building with LEGO®!  It was amazing to see all of the structures and figures built out of LEGO® (even as an adult). The kids really enjoyed going on rides based on some of their favorite LEGO® kits.

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