Hands-on History at the Bangor Historical Society

Hands-on History at the Bangor Historical Society

Hands-on History at the Bangor Historical Society

If you are a history buff or just a parent looking for something educational to do with your kids on the weekend keep reading.  The new program – Hands-On History at the Bangor Historical Society is a treat!  You can check it out monthly – it is held the second Saturday of the month from 10:00-11:30am at the Hill House in Bangor (159 Union Street).  The cost is $5.00 per child or free for up to two children with a membership.  The kids and I attended this month and had a great time learning about and creating Victorian Valentines.

The February event description was as follows:

Children will get a chance to get an up-close look at vintage Valentines from our collection, learn about Esther Howland, a business pioneer known as the “Mother of the American Valentine,” and make an Esther Howland-style card themselves. 

Upon arriving at the Hill House we were greeted by the staff for the event.  Amanda, the Children’s Education Program Coordinator made us feel welcome and showed us where to hang coats.  Next she got the kids settled drawing pictures that they thought represented Valentine’s Day.  When everyone arrived we went on a brief tour of the house.  Amanda did a great job of relating the tour to the kids and answering their questions.

Hands-on History at the Bangor Historical Society

After the tour Amanda explained some history of Valentine’s day and spoke about Esther Howland.  If you don’t know who Esther Howland is you should research her story – it is quite remarkable for the time.  Then Amanda showed the kids some Victorian Valentines that were in the Bangor Historical Society archives.  She asked the kids to talk about what they saw and how they were similar and different.  

Hands-on History at the Bangor Historical Society

After the history lesson the kids set out to make their own Victorian Valentines.  The craft supplies included card stock, doilies, stamps, markers, stickers, fancy paper, printed Victorian images and much more.  The kids were instructed that they could make one Valentine to take home and then they could make more to be delivered to the residents at a nursing home in Orono.  

The kids worked diligently and created some beautiful cards.  There were a few older girls that really had the Victorian style down.  The younger kids used some of the ideas but mostly created Valentine’s in their own unique styles.

Hands-on History at the Bangor Historical Society 

The group was small and that allowed the kids to share the materials with ease and have plenty of space to work on their own cards.  I think the event was a lot of fun and educational for me as well as the kids.  The staff was very helpful and provided support to the kids if needed while they are working.  

I would highly recommend a visit to one of the future events provided by Hands-On History at the Bangor Historical Society.  

For additional information about Hands-On History events visit the Bangor Historical Society online here.

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***We received complimentary admission to the event.  All opinions are my own***

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