Kid Friendly No Sew Christmas Tree Ornament

Kid Friendly No Sew Christmas Tree Ornament

Kid Friendly No Sew Christmas Tree Ornament

I love Christmas – I really, really do.  But this year has been rough for me to get into the groove.  We went on vacation over Thanksgiving and that really through me for a loop as I usually have a lot of stuff done prior to that point.  Add to that both of our dogs passing away this year and I have been having a super hard time getting in the spirit.  I signed up to participate in a DIY ornament swap with some other bloggers and have been dragging my feet.  Well tonight – I found inspiration in Kiddie Foodies ornament found here and decided to create my own.

I decided to make an even easier version of their ornament.  I even used all materials I already had in the house from previous projects.  Don’t you love when you can create something else and not spend any money??  I do 🙂  I made these to send out to the other bloggers in the ornament swap but also for my kids.  The material was from their Christmas outfits in 2013.

Kid Friendly No Sew Christmas Tree Ornament

Materials Needed

  • Christmas fabric
  • Green felt
  • Lace or ribbon to serve as hangers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Two Christmas tree cookie cutters (1 large, 1 slightly smaller) – or your own pattern
  • 1 permanent marker
  • 1 pen 
  • Fabric scissors


  • Pre-heat the hot glue gun
  • Trace the large cookie cutter on the green felt
  • Trace the small cookie cutter on the Christmas fabric
  • Cut out the large and small trees
  • Place hot glue on the back of the smaller tree – start at the top and adhere the trees together 
  • Glue around the edges until the fabric is fully adhered to the felt
  • Cut a piece of ribbon or lace (roughly 6 inches – it can be whatever size you prefer) – fold over and adhere to the back of the ornament
  •  Display!

Kid Friendly No Sew Christmas Tree Ornament

Some people – myself included don’t let their small children using hot glue guns.  I know others do.  I think this craft would be perfect for bigger kids on their own or for smaller children under closer supervision.   I love how the ornaments came out and can’t wait to get them in the mail!

Below find a list of the other ornaments I have received:

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Purple, Green, and White…oh my…golden beaded caps around

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