Magic Masking Tape Snowflake Paintings for Kids

Magic Masking Tape Snowflake Paintings for Kids

Magic Masking Tape Snowflake Paintings for Kids

Are you looking for a fun winter themed art project to keep the kids busy during the upcoming winter break?  My kids love projects and they especially love painting.  I love that this project allows the kids to freely paint but still ends up with a fun design after you peel the masking tape off.

Materials Needed

  • Paper (construction paper works but a heavier gauge paper is easier to peel the tape off without ripping)
  • Masking tape
  • Paint (assorted colors)
  • Paint brushes and sponges (and any other painting tools you have and want to use)
  • Paint plate

Magic Masking Tape Snowflake Paintings for Kids


  • Prep the paper by creating a snowflake with masking tape prior to having your child come to start the project
  • Have your child pick their painting tools and paint colors
  • Tell your child to cover the entire paper and to paint however they would like
  • Leave the paper to dry (I put them on top of our pellet stove and they dried in about 10 minutes)
  • Peel the masking tape off to reveal your “magic” snowflake painting

Magic Masking Tape Snowflake Paintings for Kids

Buddy had a great time doing this painting.  He was excited to pick the tools he wanted and to paint freely.  We painted on the floor and I told him not to worry about making a mess – its very easy to wipe paint off the ceramic tile.  After his painting dried he was excited to watch me peel the tape off and reveal the snowflake.  We hung his painting up – I’m very impressed with how it came out.  Instead of hanging the painting up you could use it as homemade wrapping paper for Christmas.

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