Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Lemon Tarts

Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Lemon Tarts

Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Lemon Tarts

Do your kids love to help in the kitchen?  Mine surely do!  Boo Boo had randomly mentioned yesterday that we hadn’t made a pie in a long time so that was my inspiration for this mornings activity.  The kids absolutely love lemon meringue pie but I wasn’t feeling quite that ambitious.  So I thought about what I could do that still had lemon and I decided on Lemon Tarts.  This is a super easy baking project that anyone could do.  

Lemon Tart Recipe

Pie Dough Ingredients:

***Pie Dough Recipe from my Betty Crocker Cook Book***

  • 2 cups Flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 2/3 cup shortening plus 2 tbs
  • 4-5 tbs cold water

(Optional – substitute store bought pie dough)

Filling Ingredients:

  • Lemon Pudding mix
  • Milk

(Optional – use snack packs for filling instead of pudding mix)


  • Whipped Cream


The recipe above is for a two crust pie dough, this will make roughly 18 tart shells (depending on how thin you roll your dough). You could also buy a store bought pie crust to make this even easier.

For the crust – mix the flour and salt.  Cut in the shortening until the dough starts to form small pea sized pieces.  Slowly add the water until you reach the right consistency.  I cut the dough into two pieces and had both kids help roll their own piece and cut the circles.  Flour your counter, roll the dough and cut with a cookie cutter (roughly 4 inch circle – mine had fluted edges to make the tarts a little fancier).  Push the cut dough into a muffin tin.

Bake at 475º for 8 – 10 minutes until lightly brown.  Remove from muffin tin and let cool on baking rack.

Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Lemon Tarts

For the filling – you can use instant pudding mix or ready made pudding.  Today we used two snack packs as we only made six tarts.  If I wanted to make more I would have made a box of pudding.  We used a spoon and filled the tart shells.

Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Lemon Tarts

I put the tarts in the fridge and we topped them with whipped cream at time of serving.

Kids in the Kitchen: Easy Lemon Tarts

We had a fun morning working in the kitchen together.  Let me know if you have a favorite recipe to make with your children!

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