How To Make An Everest and Skye Paw Patrol Pinata

How To Make An Everest and Skye Paw Patrol Pinata

How To Make An Everest and Skye Paw Patrol Pinãta

Do your kids love piñatas?  Mine sure do!  I love watching the kids have fun with a piñata but don’t like spending a ton of money to buy something they will destroy in minutes.  Piñatas aren’t cheap but I have found a way around the expensive store bought piñatas – I make my own!  Keep reading to learn how to make an Everest and Skye Paw Patrol Pinata.

Materials Needed


  • Cardboard Box (pick the size that fits your needs)
  • Print out picture of Everest and Skye
  • Crepe paper
  • Hot Glue gun/glue sticks
  • Duct Tape
  • Scissors
  • Wire for fashioning a hanger
  • Rope


  • Cut two small holes in the top of the box
  • Use a small strip of wood and drill two holes in to match the holes in the box (optional but helps reinforce the piñata so the top doesn’t rip out before the box opens)
  • Feed the rope through the wood and box (or just the box)
  • Attach a hanger (my husband used a piece of metal) but you could use just the rope

How To Make An Everest and Skye Paw Patrol Pinãta

  • Fill the box with treats
  • Use Duct tape and seal the box
  • Plug in the hot glue gun
  • Attach the picute of Everest to the middle of one large side and attach the picture of Skye to the other large side
  • Start unrolling crepe paper
  • Use scissors and create notches on the bottom of the crepe paper roughly 1 inch apart across the entire length (this creates volume and makes the piñata look more like its store bought)
  • Start applying notched crepe paper – I worked from top to bottom (as my piñata was multi colored I did one large side and small side in each color)
  • Apply dabs of hot glue to the box – stick on crepe paper


  • As needed stop and notch more crepe paper
  • Cover the top and bottom of the box with crepe paper as well
  • Create a tail with a few strips of each color of crepe paper
  • Admire your completed piñata
  • Watch as children destroy your hard work gleefully wack the piñata!

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How To Make An Everest and Skye Paw Patrol Pinata

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