Make Learning Fun: Math Facts with Teddy Grahams

Make Learning Fun: Math Facts with Teddy Grahams

Make Learning Fun: Math Facts with Teddy Grahams

Are you looking for fun and exciting (and maybe tasty!) ways to help introduce math to your children?  I know I am!  Today I practiced some basic math facts with my son while my daughter was at school.  This is the first real taste of math for him as he is in Pre-K.  As he has started to master his numbers I figured this would be a great introduction to math for him.  This would also make great practice for older children as well.  

Materials Needed

  • Teddy Grahams
  • A (+), (-) and (=) sign – these could be printed or handwritten
  • Number Flash Cards (optional as you could hand write the numbers as well)


  • Gather all of the materials.
  • Have your child pick a number (for younger children stick with lower numbers, older children can practice with bigger numbers as well).
  • Pick the operation you want them to use (addition or subtraction).  Addition would be best for younger learners while subtraction can add more of a challenge for older children.
  • With my son we counted out the number of teddy grahams that he would need and then he divided them on either said of the addition sign.  Then we would count each pile separately and add them together to get the number on the flash card.

Make Learning Fun: Math Facts with Teddy Grahams

This STEM educational activity is great for children of all ages.  The youngest children could be involved by just counting out the number of objects to match the flash card.  The oldest children could find all of the different number combinations for each number and use an addition table to check their work.

After they finish their activity they get to eat their Teddy Grahams 🙂

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