How to Make a Paw Patroller Cake

How to Make a Paw Patroller Cake

How to Make a Paw Patroller Cake

Does your child love Paw Patrol??  Both of mine sure do!  We just celebrated Boo Boo’s 6th birthday in Paw Patrol style 🙂  Keep reading to learn how to make a Paw Patroller Cake below.

Materials Needed

  • 8″x 10″ cake pan
  • 4 box cake mixes – any flavor (you can do a cake from scratch but I find the density to decorate is better with a box cake mix)
  • Filling for the layers of the cake (I used both Chocolate frosting and Wilton Buttercream – I ended up making a triple batch of buttercream and a double batch of Chocolate Frosting)
  • Large cake board (I taped two together to get the size I needed)
  • Wilton tips: 13 (star tip) and 3 (small circle tip)
  • Wilton Blue, Yellow, and Black Food Coloring Gels
  • Wilton Piping Bags (I use the disposable plastic bags)
  • Two Wilton Red Sugar Sheets (they can be purchased at most craft stores – I saw them at Hobby Lobby and A.C. Moore)
  • Oreos (for the wheels)
  • Badge (I washed one that we had on had and “borrowed” it)


  • Prepare and bake the cakes according to the box directions
  • Allow the cakes to cool completely
  • Cut each cake in half lengthwise (leaving you with two 4″ x 10″ halves)
  • Place two cake sections on the cake board creating a 4″ x 20″ long base layer
  • Put frosting on top of the base layer and stack the next two sections on top
  • Repeat until you have 4 layers of cake
  • Dirty ice the cake (cover the entire cake with a small amount of frosting to hold the crumbs down and gave you a smooth base to decorate)
  • Insert dowels as supports (optional –  I did this overnight to make sure the cake didn’t lean and removed them the next day when I started decorating)

How to Make a Paw Patroller Cake

  • Cut and apply the red sugar sheet to the roof (measure carefully as you can’t re-cut and moving once stuck is pretty difficult)
  • Mix your frosting colors (bright blue, dark blue, yellow, light grey and dark grey)
  • Attach the wheels (I applied a dab of frosting to the backs and stuck them on)
  • Start piping (this is the time consuming part!) – I used Wilton star tip #13 for all of the piping other than the yellow line and the writing on top of the cake which I used tip #3 for.

How to Make a Paw Patroller Cake

  • I started with the bright blue on the bottom and then moved to the dark blue on the top and then filled in the rest. 

How to Make a Paw Patroller Cake

  • I had the Paw Patroller toy sitting next to me on the table to use as a guideline for where to pipe what color – you could also print out a picture
  • The day of the party I added the candle, piped on a Happy Birthday Message, and added Robo Dog to the top of the cake

I love making cakes for my kids!  My daughter was thrilled and that makes the prep time worth it 🙂  Be prepared to spend a large amount of time from baking to decorating (at least a day).  I usually bake and dirty ice one day and decorate another to allow myself time to do other things as well – otherwise the cake would take a full day.  

Let me know if you try to make a Paw Patroller!  I would also love to hear about any other elaborate cakes you have made for your kids.  See below for a few of the others I have made.

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