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Today is Monday, the first day of school after vacation.  And today is a serious catch up day for me.  I chugged along all vacation – until the weekend.  This weekend was quite nice actually.  We went to my niece’s birthday party on Saturday and both kids ended up having sleepovers (Boo Boo did great!).   Hubby and I ended up with a kid free night and morning.  We went out for a drink, stayed up relatively late, made breakfast together and lazed around until we went out for lunch!

So today – I’m working double time to make up for all stuff I didn’t get done.  As the image above says – “make today your bitch” – thats what I’m doing.  So far today (its 12:45pm EST) I have:

  • Washed breakfast dishes
  • Made coffee for tomorrow
  • Gave Tool (the dog) his pill
  • Washed the dog plate stands and dishes
  • Done 3 loads of laundry (washed, dried, folded, and put away)
  • Worked out with the Wii Fit for 30 minutes
  • Made shaving cream bathtub paint (check it out here)
  • Gave both kids baths and fixed their hair
  • Made lunch
  • Ate lunch
  • Washed lunch dishes
  • Called the vet to refill Tool’s prescription and ask a few questions
  • Typed up the t-ball schedule to send to my team
  • Emailed my t-ball team with updated information
  • Paid two doctors bills
  • Worked on this blog


An update on Tool – he is starting to show more symptoms which is part of the reason I called the vet today.  I needed to refill his prescription anyways but figured I would also ask about his enlarged neck and labored breathing.  I’m waiting for a call back this afternoon – I assume its just part of the process but figured it would ease my mind to hear that.  I want to make sure we do everything in our power to keep him comfortable and pain free.

Pretty much up until this point it was easy to forget that he was sick – now it is getting more visible and more real.  I have never been through this process and just hope we will know when to make the hard decision we have coming up.  It’s a hard thing.  Cancer sucks…I always knew that but this is the first time I have dealt with it in my own house.

Final Stretch

After I finish typing this I plan to get my shower and take a break while Buddy is napping.  This afternoon Buddy starts swimming lessons at our local pool.  This is the first time he will be in the pool by himself and I’m a little worried that he won’t like it.  Hubby is taking his as I’m sure he would act worse if I was there.  Boo Boo has gymnastics tonight  and will start her swim lessons on Wednesday.

We are gearing up for the final stretch of the school year and it is going to be crazy!  Monday’s will be swim for Buddy and gymnastics for Boo Boo.  Tuesday and Thursdays Boo Boo has speech therapy.  Wednesday Boo Boo has swim.  Saturday both kids have t-ball.  I’m tired just thinking about it.  I think my new mantra every day should be to “make today your bitch”!  Maybe it will help motivate me to get everything done.

How about my readers – how is your Monday going?

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