Nutritional Fun Snacks for Kids: Paw Patrol Themed Badge

Nutritional Fun Snacks for Kids: Paw Patrol Themed BadgeNutritional Fun Snacks for Kids: Paw Patrol Themed Badge

Do you struggle with finding snacks that are both nutritional and fun for your kids?  I’m lucky that my kids like to eat their fruits and vegetables but I struggle with making fun nutritional snacks.  I could bake them something fabulous and fun but nutritional…probably not.  I came up with this fun Paw Patrol Themed Badge for a snack at my daughter’s upcoming Paw Patrol themed birthday party.


  • Watermelon
  • Golden Honeydew (it has a whiter color)


  • Print out a Paw Patrol Badge Template
  • Cut out the template  (I cut it and sealed it in contact paper to make the template last longer)
  • Have an adult slice the watermelon and honeydew (you want to make thin slices so your badge isn’t too thick)

Nutritional Fun Snacks for Kids: Paw Patrol Themed Badge

  • Use a knife to cut the large badge shape from honeydew (this will have to be the end slice of the melon to have a piece big enough without seeds)
  • Use a knife to cut the large badge shape from the watermelon slice
  • Use a knife to cut 3 small circles from the honeydew slice
  • Use a knife to cut the large portion of the paw to shape from the honeydew slice
  • Place the large honeydew badge on a plate, stack the watermelon badge cutout on top and  then add the honeydew paw print 
  • For ease of making for a party you can also just include the inner part of the shield (omit the bottom layer) – this is what I will do for my daughter’s paw patrol birthday party

  • Serve and enjoy!!

Nutritional Fun Snacks for Kids: Paw Patrol Themed Badge

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