Shamrock Cutouts

Shamrock Cutouts

Shamrock Cutouts

St. Patrick’s day is a great holiday – I mean my name is Shannon, I have red hair – I must be Irish right?  Actually I’m not but like the rest of the world for St. Patty’s day I am!!  I like to really decorate and celebrate holidays with the kids – it gives us a focus for our projects and it makes things seem a little more fun.  St. Patrick’s day is the hardest holiday for me to come up with projects – there are less materials available at the dollar store and craft stores and in general less products sold.

Materials Needed

  • Green construction paper
  • Heart cookie cutter (medium size)
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Stickers
  • Crayons or markers

So this is a super easy project and most things that are found in your home.  I realized last year that to make a shamrock you could just put together three hearts and add a stem.  So to start this project I sat and traced out four shamrocks (I made myself a stencil to trace by creating the shamrock design first on a cereal box then cutting it out).

Shamrock Cutouts

I gave each kid the option of cutting out their own.  Buddy tried and decided that he wanted me to cut them.  Boo Boo cut her first out and decided that she wanted me to cut out the second so she could start decorating.

Shamrock Cutouts

After they had their shamrocks cut out they got to decorate them with stickers and color on them.

Shamrock Cutouts

This is a super simple project with materials on hand that can add some festive cheer to your house!   This is much like our heart project at Valentine’s day but with one extra step as I couldn’t find pre-cut shamrocks.  It would work for any holiday or event.

These make cute decorations to hang up around the house or create a garland.  The kids love them because they get to use stickers and make them unique!

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