Snow Tubing

Today we went on an adventure!  I grew up in Maine and have spent the majority of my life here but had somehow never gone snow tubing.  Today we rectified that!  My husband was out clearing some of the fresh 5 inches we got last night and came in and asked me to check if Hermon Mountain was open for tubing today as it was actually not windy or super cold out (its actually about 35 degrees out today as I type this).  The mountain was indeed open so we decided to head out for the morning tubing session (9am-12pm).

We live less than 5 minutes from the mountain and have talked about it since we moved home but kids are supposed to be 3 or older so we hadn’t made it.  Buddy turned 3 in the fall so it was perfect.  We got there and there were quite a few cars already in the lot but most were parents of kids taking ski lessons.  We paid for our tubing passes ($12 per person – even kids – which I think is a bit pricey, but we will probably only do it once a season so we splurged).  My husband got our lift tickets on our jackets (I’ve never going skiing in my life so I had no idea how to do it!).

Once we had our lift passes on we walked outside the lodge to the left where the tubes are kept.


We started with three tubes as Buddy was scared to go by himself – by the end he was riding by himself and loving it!


After we grabbed the tubes we headed for the lift.  You hand the ring from your tube to the operator and they connect it to the lift and up you ride (you can also walk if you choose).

tubing collage

Once at the top you could pick one of three runs, line up as instructed holding onto your groups tubes and head down the mountain.


We went down a ton of times and had a blast.  We did get tired (little legs – lots of walking) after about an hour and headed into the lodge to get a snack and drink and couldn’t as the snack bar doesn’t take cards and the ATM wasn’t working.  My husband asked for a glass of tap water as there wasn’t even a water fountain and was turned away.  Next time we go we will know that and either bring cash or a cooler with our own food and drinks (as many of the other patrons did).

Overall a good time and awesome family winter activity.  I would highly recommend it but wish it was a little more affordable so we could visit more often.  Check them out on the web at:

Hermon Mountain Website


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