Paint with Pudding

Paint with Pudding

Paint with Pudding

Today I wanted to start to get into St. Patricks day projects but honestly I haven’t found a ton of inspiration on Pinterest for projects.  I have some handprint/footprint crafts that I think we will do but I wasn’t up for all of the work that painting entails today.  But we ended up doing a “painting” project.  This is something I do fairly frequently with the kids and they enjoy it.  We paint with pudding.  Today it was green pudding so that makes it St. Patrick’s themed right?

Paint with Pudding Materials

I buy snack packs (the individual pudding cups) and give each kid one, a piece of paper, a spoon, and a paintbrush.  It is their choice how much ends up on the paper and how much ends up in their belly.

Super simple and fun is a winner in my book!

Paint with Pudding

After they finished snack/project fun I pulled out some St. Patrick’s Day coloring sheets I had printed out.  If you search for coloring pages on Pinterest you can find just about anything.

Paint with Pudding

So a day of easy but fun projects.  I hope everyone has a great Monday and if you are in the Northeast – stay safe and warm – tonight is supposed to be brutally cold!

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