“The window is open, so’s that door
I didn’t know they did that anymore” 

Frozen - "For the First Time in Forever"

Today is an amazing day – as I am typing I have the windows open to air the house out!!  It appears spring has finally decided to come to Maine!!  As I am typing the temperature is right around 65!  Yesterday was beautiful as well but Buddy still wasn’t feeling great so the kids didn’t enjoy it as much as they normally would have.

I had a friend in town this weekend from New Jersey – she was one of my roommates at Vista Way when we did the Disney College Program.  Yesterday we drove around and I showed her some of the area I grew up in – it was a nice walk down memory lane! As you can see in the pictures – it was actually t-shirt weather (we were both rocking our DCP alumni shirts)!!!  We made a stop at Perry’s Nut House in Belfast, Maine – if you are in the area its worth a stop.


Today is the perfect Spring day – we did stuff in the house all morning – laundry, made brownies, read stories.  Then after lunch when it had warmed up we headed outside to play while we waited for the bus.  Boo Boo was dressed for spring in a cute little dress, capri leggings, and a denim jacket.  I should have taken her picture but was enjoying being outside without freezing to much!

Today was exciting in another way as well – Hubby got the motorcycle started and we went for our first ride of the season!  It was glorious.  Santa brought the kiddos helmets for Christmas this year to use on their snowmobiles but we made sure they were DOT safe as well so they could go on the motorcycle as well.  Buddy got his first little ride today and was super excited!  The pictures below are from when Hubby bought the motorcycle last summer – I don’t have any other pictures because I’m always riding with him!


I hope everyone else is enjoying this wonderful Spring day as much as we are!  So far the day has been great – its nice to have everyone feeling a bit healthier and to know we are headed to Summer!  Does anyone have any spring stories to share?


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