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Packing for a Day at Disney with Toddlers

Today I’m going to write about packing for a day at Disney with toddlers.  I am a planner by nature – I like to be prepared for most anything that happens.  This doesn’t change for me when we go to Disney World.

If I know we are planning on being at the parks early in the morning I try to get most things ready the night before.  Its pretty easy once we figure out what we need as we just make sure we replenish the bags daily.  This list is from our vacation in September – it was still pretty hot so you definitely didn’t need to worry about it cooling down at night.  If you are going in a cooler season you would either need to carry jackets for evening or make a run to the car to get them if you need them.

Packing for a day at Disney with Toddlers

  • Double stroller

  • Purse

  • Small backpack (in place of diaper bag)

  • Small soft sided Cooler

This list might seem like a lot but once you have made it off the tram and through the bag check you will be glad you have all these goodies!  We are almost getting to the point now where we won’t need a stroller.  I will miss it as it doubles as the pack horse – it carries around all of those things that I would otherwise be hauling!

My purse (a cross body style so I am hands free)

  • Wallet
  • Cellphone
  • Cellphone charger
  • Portable battery pack
  • Digital camera
  • Park Tickets/Maps
  • Disney Gift Cards
  • Cash
  • Kids autograph books with two click to open sharpies (ended up storing in ziploc bag after near ruin from rain)
  • Small tube of sunscreen
  • Bottle of water (I would grab one before we would wait in lines)
  • Fruit snacks or other small snack (I would grab them if the wait times were long)


  • Change of clothes for both kids (including: shorts, tshirt, underwear, socks – we had two underwear and shorts for buddy as he hadn’t been potty trained that long)
  • Small first aid kit
  • Big Sunscreen
  • Diaper wipes (small pack in case of sticky crisis!)
  • Ponchos (we bought these ahead of time and brought with us daily and unfortunately used them almost daily)


  • Ice packs (or actual ice depending on what you have available – we actually froze water bottles to use as ice packs that we could drink later in the day)
  • Water bottles (we took 6-8 for our group of 5 people)
  • Juice boxes for kids
  • A couple cans of soda (if you are soda drinkers – this can save you big money)
  • Snacks
  • Sandwiches (we would carry in lunch if we didn’t have a character dining reservation – again helps save money)
  • Individual packs of Crystal Light (good if you run out of water bottles to mask the bad flavor from the tap water)

Click the logo below to see the Disney World Park Rules and Regulations if you want to check and make sure what you are bringing in is allowed.

While this list may change slightly for your family I think this is pretty basic for spending a day in Disney parks with small children that are potty trained.  I hope it can help save you some time and money on your next trip!  If you have any money saving packing tips please feel free to share in the comments below.

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