Teletubbies: Follow The Leader + Giveaway

***I received a free copy of the DVD in exchange for this promotional post***

Teletubbies: Follow The Leader + Giveaway

Teletubbies: Follow The Leader + Giveaway

Does your child love the Teletubbies?  If so be sure you pick up a copy of Teletubbies: Follow the Leader now on DVD!  This would definitely make a great holiday gift!

Join Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po as they laugh, play, sing, dance and share big hugs. Teletubbies makes exploring and experimenting so much fun, your child will shout “Again! Again!”. Contains six new episodes, including “Follow the Leader”.

The wonderful world of Teletubbies is back with 6 all-new adventures for your little ones.  Celebrating 20 years of entertaining families across the world, the new generation of Teletubbies is designed to appeal to today’s tech-savvy infants and toddlers through relatable storylines, and high-tech features including their Touch-Screen Tummies and Tubby Phone smartphone.  Parents will be able to provide their toddlers with creative learning experiences that are fun, playful and inclusive.  The DVD encourages early social skills, including taking turns, physical activity and coordination, as well as recognizing colors, objects and patterns.

Parents – you are in luck!  Enter for a chance to win a copy of Teletubbies: Follow the Leader on DVD below!


If you aren’t the lucky winner feel free to pick up a copy below:

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