Valentine’s Day Disney Side @Home Celebration

So as I’ve been thinking about my Disney Side party, I’ve gotten more and more excited.  One of the criteria for the party is that it needs to occur in January or February.  I figured what better than a Disney themed Valentine’s Day brunch as Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year.  We are inviting some of C’s friends from preschool, a friend from a playgroup and the kids cousins as well as moms and my mom of course!

I still don’t know what is going to be in my Disney Side hostess package but am eagerly (aka chomping at the bit) to know.  As I have picked Valentine’s day as the day of our party I figured the kids and I could get started on some decor that was related to Valentine’s day.  I miss the Christmas decorations when I take them down so start putting up homemade Valentine’s decorations and window clings less than a week later.

I did some pinterest research and found some crafts that I liked.  You can check out my Valentine’s day pinterest board to see my motivation!

My inspiration for todays project came from Crafts by Courtney.

As always I like to find crafts that I can do with the kids – they ask everyday what we will do for a project and I think are honestly disappointed when I don’t have something planned for them.

The project materials you need are:

Cardboard, Glue, Tissue Paper, Scissors, Ribbon and Tape

Before I do any projects with the kids I like to have everything ready – they are little and have no patience so I need to capture a short window of attention span.  So prior to the starting with the kids I gathered the materials and cut the tissue paper into small squares.  I also took an empty cardboard box I had laying around the house and cut out the cardboard hearts.

I got everything ready at their “stations” (this is what I call their places at the table).  Below is a picture of their station set up.


I had them come up and explained that they crumple up a piece of tissue paper -not flatten it (my three year old wasn’t fond of this instruction!).  After they crumpled the tissue paper they dipped it into the glue and stuck it on their heart shape.  Repeat until the entire heart is covered in whatever pattern you so desire.



My daughter had a much easier time grasping the concept – we had done Easter eggs before in this same way so she picked it up quickly.

Here are the finished projects:


The top is my son’s creation – which truthfully is 90% my creation after he decided he couldn’t (wouldn’t?) continue.  Honestly I think my ambition for this project was a bit more than they could handle.  My daughter didn’t finish in one sitting – she did 70% and had enough so she agreed to finish after quiet time.  I think they are awfully cute and would definitely do it again but would aim for a smaller sized shape so it is easier to finish.

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