Weekend Away

Weekend Away

Today I’m off for the weekend – a grownup weekend!!  A weekend away!  Hooray 🙂  I love my kids so much but now that they are older and not as dependent it is nice for me to be able to have some much needed adult time!  So their won’t be any posts happening this weekend.

This past week has been super hectic – we had the last T-ball game, Boo Boo’s gymnastics show, Boo Boo’s class field trip, and the last day of Speech. On top of that we had a lot of landscaping work going on outside.

Weekend Away!

We bought a Crestwood Pool secondhand and are working on getting it ready to install.  I never thought that an above ground pool could be so much work.  Since the pool was used we decided to sand and stain all the planks before putting it up so it would look nicer.  This took us pretty much all day last Sunday!

Weekend Away!

The location we choose to put the pool up had a flower bed on it so my free minutes this week have included digging up and relocating the flowers.  Thankfully my grandfather has a tractor that he let us borrow to do the heavy work with.  Now that the flowers have been relocated hubby and his dad have been working on leveling the ground.  This Sunday my dad and uncle are coming to help put the pool up!  So hopefully when I come home I will see a pool in my backyard 🙂

Thanks so much to my hardworking hubby for my fabulous Mother’s day gift of a weekend away!  I’m very grateful to have him in my life 🙂  We plan to shop, scrapbook and relax this weekend and I’m looking forward to it!

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Next week includes Boo Boo’s last day of school and rainbow celebration as well as both kids last day of swim lessons and then we will be free for the summer!  I’ll be back and working on some fun posts next week about things to do this summer!


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