Winter Children’s Storybooks about Mittens

Winter Children's Storybooks about Mittens

Winter Children’s Storybooks about Mittens

It is cold and only getting colder in my home state of Maine – the dropping temperatures helped inspire this post.  I decided to find and share five great children’s books about mittens – keep reading for my recommendations.  

1) The Mitten by Jan Brett

The story of a little boy Nicki’s white mitten that gets lost and becomes a warm home for many animals.  This is one of my personal all time favorite children’s books.  I love Jan Brett’s illustrations.  

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The Mitten by Jan Brett

2) The Mitten Tree – Candace Christiansen

A story about an elderly women Sarah that knits mittens for children each night and hides them on a tree.

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The Mitten Tree
3) The Missing Mitten Mystery – Steven Kellogg

A book about a girl Annie and her dog Oscar looking for her missing red mitten.

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The Missing Mitten Mystery
4) The Winter Mittens – Tim Arnold

A story about a pair of mittens with magical powers to make it snow!  

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The Winter Mittens
5) One Mitten – Kristine O’Connell George and Maggie Smith

  Follow along as a little girl shows you all of the things she can do with just one mitten.  We added this book to our home library through a Scholastic book order form last winter.

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One Mitten

I love reading and hope to instill that love with my children as well.  I hope you enjoyed my book selections.  If you have any favorite Mitten themed books please let me know in the comment section below!

This post is a part of The Jenny Evolution Winter and Holiday Children Story Book series.  More than 30 bloggers are contributing by posting winter and holiday themed book lists.  To find additional book lists please click on the following link:

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